Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything (Plato)

Clara has always been very fond of music. I sang to her, when I was still pregnant – and played classical music, so she could “listen”, while growing beautiful and strong in my womb. It has actually been proven that, in the third trimester, an unborn baby can recognise her mother’s voice, her native language and even begin to remember word patterns and rhymes! No wonder, that music also has an impact – babies in the womb show increased brain activity, when exposed to music – so no surprise, that Clara almost knew “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star, after listening a couple of times, when she born

Award- winning Mussila Music School App – a brilliant music learning app for kids!

When Clara was about 5-6 months old, I started bringing her to Music classes in London. She enjoyed it SO much – and so did I. Being with other mums and their little ones, listening and singing to lovely songs and nursery rhymes…I can not recommend doing this enough! In these lockdown times, it has been tough, and Clara was getting restless and bored. When Mussila Music School contacted me, I became super excited. Here was a marvellous opportunity for Clara to be entertained with hours of musical lessons, challenges and games carefully crafted by musical experts and educators

Clara is just about 3 years old, but that’s not a problem! Regardless of where your little one is on the Mussila learning path, you can practice and play along with them

Bonus-info: The Mussila app is designed to give kids a playful experience as they learn the essentials of music. It goes beyond just imitating and playing what you see on a screen — and teaches the fundaments of music theory and rhythm in a fun and challenging way. Mussila’s playful experience is based on the powers of Learn, Play, and Create — where a key benefit is that your child doesn’t need an​ instrument and she can learn everything she needs to know directly on the screen

It might not be a real guitar, but she does look like a pro, doesn’t she! Carlos Santana go home!

Look and Feel! I love this concept!

How to position hands on a piano? It is not easy! But on Mussila’s webpage you will find an excellent guide

Learn to play the piano! I love that The Mussila songbook includes music works from all over the world, classical music, folk songs and well known melodies such as the “Happy Birthday” song. Clara can practice her chosen song together with the Mussila band and when she is almost finished, she can enter the Jam session and become a conductor by swapping instruments and making her own arrangement of the song. Just wow! (not there yet, though)

The Mussila DJ (so much fun!) This feature encourages the player to create her own musical soundscape and remix existing songs. (Comes with a set of songs, loops and beats) Even cooler… Your little one can record and create her own sounds and layer them for a live musical performance like a real DJ! 

Planets! An adventurous tilt and tap game that takes the player on a journey between exotic planets, all the way from space down into the deep and mysterious sea. You play a song by manoeuvring between notes using your own movement and create your own musical experience each time. (Includes many original songs and also a new arrangement of Beethoven´s Für Elise. The first song I ever learned on a piano as a child!)

Good to know about The Mussila App:

-The application works on both IOS and Andriod, any device, phones, and tablets

-No instrument is needed – you can learn everything in the app itself

-Created by experts in music and technology

-No in-app purchases or 3rd party ads

-Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of learning activities

Want to try out The Mussila Music App? You can get the first month for free in the subscription by using this link

This is a paid collaboration between Mussila Music School and Louiseloveslondon. All opinions are as always my own – and I can not urge you enough to try out the app. If you and your child are fond of music, this is an absolute must-have.

Did you know that… Mussila is the winner of the Nordic EdTech Awards and was chosen as one of the top ten EdTech Startups in Europe in 2020 by Educational Technology Insight. In addition, we recently won the Mom’s Choice Award and was positively reviewed by classic music critic at the Guardian, stating: An award-winning app that boldly tackles the essentials of music – rhythm, notation, instruments – through play, reasoning, and logic