“First we eat – then we do everything else!”

These are the chosen words coming from my mouth, when Frenchie asks, if Im up for a bit of exploring in our beloved city. I am a BIG food-lover, and Im always hungry!

In Denmark, we often connect good times with food (and in France too), so luckily Frenchie and I share a common interest for the joy of great culinary experiences (and they don’t always have to be expensive!)

In this post, Ive chosen to write a few words about Aubaine. This is a nice place to go for brunch/lunch (or perhaps even dinner)

Aubaine is located in 9 different areas in and around London. Im quite pleased with that, since no one wants to travel 100 miles to enjoy a nice meal!


Not really sure, what you feel like eating? Well, this place is both a restaurant, boulangerie and patisserie, so whether you want something heavy, light or sweet – its on the menu!


The food is typical french, but you will also find classic cosmopolitan dishes.


I am a very devoted to Eggs Benedict – and you get a really lovely version at Aubaine!


Frenchie had a classic sliced beef filet burger with extremely yummy french fries (I thought I’d better help him eating some of them!)


(When you think,  you’ve had more than enough to eat, the waiters always bring you a selection of pastries… It can be hard to say no!)

Now, I have eaten quite a few times at Aubaine – and I would say, that their burgers are really, really good! Also I can recommend the Salade de chèvre chaud for something less heavy. It is always a pleasure eating here. Just be aware that it is often busy on Sundays, so make sure to book a table!