Yesterday I had the great pleasure of visiting the five year old Soho-based restaurant Bob Bob Richard. (if you wonder why, the name of this place sounds a bit peculiar, the answer is quite simple – it is named after its owners!)

Now, Ive heard so many good things about this place, so finally I decided it was time to see, what the fuss was all about, and I went with my very picky french boyfriend – and my mother (who is quite picky in her own way as well)

When you step into Bob Bob Richard its a bit like stepping into a decadent world. In the dark and cosy entrance, we were met by the happy and smiling welcoming staff, who took our coats and showed us a beautiful table! By then I already felt “this is going to be a really nice experience”


The décor reminded me a bit of being part of the quirky movie The Grand Budapest Hotel or maybe even Murder on The Orient Express. The colour-sceme is navy blue and gold, the floor is beautiful marble with geometric shapes – but best of all… They have lovely blue leather booths! This means you can have your own little private, romantic dinner with lots of space for food and drinks (and you don’t have to put your bag on floor!)

So far so good! It was time to take a look at the menu! I know, that the restaurant is famous for its luxury English and Russian food.  To my pure joy, I discovered that they had also added some French yummies to their menu (I am a big fan of foie gras!)

Again the staff were amazing. Our waiter was the sweetest person dressed in a baby pink satin waistcoat, and he was more than willing to let me take a picture of him serving a beautiful bottle of Sancerre (my favourite!) Later he also offered to take a few group pictures (but wisely enough, I decided to hide the results in my private album, since my mother and I are experts in closing our eyes whilst wearing a silly smile on our faces on most pictures!)


In this restaurant, you will probably notice, that every booth has a magic little button. Pushing this button will bring you instant joy – and the reason why… It says “Press for champagne” Oh, Dear! and so I did!


If this button is not tempting, then I don’t know what is! Even though Frenchie and I could live on bubbles alone, we decided for a few different starters, a common interest for Tartar and maybe… just maybe a dessert, if our stomachs allowed us!


This is the Lobster, crab and shrimp pelmini, which are basically lovely little dumplings with salmon roe on top. Every bite was like a taste of heaven – and it is quite clear, that everything here is prepared with a great passion for whats being served!


I went for the Crab salat with chilli and avocado made with basil, tomato and lemon. Usually Im not a big fan of our friends from the sea (I’m a meat-person!) But this was a delightful surprise – and knowing, that I was having meat for main, I thought a light starter would be spot on. It certainly was!


Frenchie had a lust for truffles – and he chose the Truffled potato and mushroom vareniki with crispy onions (I have to apologise for the poor quality of the pictures – Im still waiting for my Leica camera to make its way over here!) Now, french people can be hard to satisfy. I do however think, that he enjoyed the meal – even though he would have preferred a bigger size portion… (A few vodka shots made his nose wrinkle a little less!)

The main course was a Steak tartar made from USDA prime black angus beef, with foie gras and capers (we had a few sides as well. I just can’t help myself ordering french fries – and these were amazingly crunchy) Im not sure, I’ve ever had such a beautiful tartar before (and I’ve had my share!). But this is something, that everybody should try! It was perfect!


My verdict so far… This is a place that serves really high quality food! Every bite makes you happy! Now I can’t speak for the other sex, but my boyfriend is quite a big guy – and I think, he would have preferred a bit more on the plates, so we decided to share a dessert – and of course it had to be the BBR Signature chocolate glory!

And what a glory it was… At first I was completely puzzled by the golden “christmas-tree decor/ Kinder überraschung egg”, but then I finally understood the whole idea. The warm chocolate actually turned the golden ball into a beautiful flower – and what do you know – there were hidden treasures inside!




And then the angels started singing… (or was it me?) I know, the picture doesn’t really show it, but inside the mystery ball, I found miniature brownies and jivara mousse! How can a grown-up not turn into a child, when this is happening in front of her? (I don’t think Frenchie and my mother got to enjoy much of our dessert, since I made a solemn decision to make it all mine)

But my mother forgave me (she knows my weaknesses!) Not sure, that Frenchie did – but he had his vodka!

If you are still not convinced after my grand ode to this place, then let me state this now… Bob Bob Richard has my heart, soul and stomach! It was a lovely evening, and I would happily do it all over again!