If you are Danish and have lived many years in Copenhagen like me, you will for certain know Sticks’ n’ Sushi! Sticks’n’Sushi is one of the most successful restaurant groups in Denmark – and there is a reason why! The beautiful combination of freshness, high quality of the food and the relaxed atmosphere made Sticks’n’Sushi one of Copenhagens busiest restaurants almost overnight! Trust me – I was there. It was almost impossible to get a table back in the good, old days!

To my great joy, Sticks’n’Sushi is a growing success story with eight restaurants in London. Here I am in front of their ninth in the heart of Soho! 

You can never go wrong, when choosing Sticks’ n’ Sushi! The atmosphere is dark and cosy with a touch of “scandi”. Just the way, I like it! Want to impress a date? This is where to go!

As always the stylish menu card offers a huge range of yakitori, sushi plates, sashimi, salads and much more. The hardest thing is to choose – and I end up ordering too much! (But I still manage to eat it all!)

If you are unfamiliar with Sticks’ n’ Sushi, the restaurants are best summed up as an exquisite selections of yakitori (sticks) and sushi with a Scandi twist. I have never been to a sushi place, that has a menu card like this one. The food is gorgeously presented – with an amazing sticks and sushi selection. Bonus-info: There are eighteen sticks alone, including black cod & miso and duck breast with panko & wasabi caesar! Just wow!

Our starters: I always go for the very popular and classic Ebi Bites: Tempura shrimp, miso aïoli, chili, lime and coriander. I can also highly recommend the utterly delicious Hotate Kataif: Scallops, miso aïoli, trout roe and cress. Don’t forget to add the grilled, spicy or salty Edamame Beans – a must have, when visiting Sticks’n’ Sushi

Cocktails and sushi in Soho… What more could a girl ask for?

Want to try a Sticks’ n’ Sushi classic cocktail? Then order the Yuzo Zoo, which is my favourite and makes me smile all over the face, when drinking it: Bombay Sapphire gin, plum wine, honey and yuzu. Got to love a fruity balance of sweet and sour! Frenchie usually go for something with vodka, but this time he was curious and had a Yakuza in Manhattan: Toki Japanese whisky stirred with Earl Grey sake liquor and plum bitters. He fell in love with Japanese whiskey that night!

A touch of lemon on the Edamame Beans – and they are ready to eat! Yummy!

I told you, that I can’t choose, when I am eating at Sticks’ n’ Sushi. Here is another starter, that I can not do without! Ohh, how I just love my Beef Tataki: Beef, smoked cheese, spring onion, tosazu, spicy goma and Jerusalem artichoke chips

Nope! We are not done with the starters yet! I know, that I am repeating myself, but you really need to taste this little piece of heaven! Tuna Tartare: Tuna, avocado, sesame, miso, yuzu, ginger and lotus chip. I still dream about this dish!

Oh, hey there! We almost forgot the wine! Yes, you guessed it! The drink selection is really quite something here! You can indulge yourself in everything from gorgeous Japanese inspired cocktails, different sakes, matcha drinks, beers and wine! We went for a classic Riesling, which complimented our food beautifully!

Chin Chin!

Feeling ultra-chic at the bar! Got to love mum’s night out!

Oh, happy day! Ladies and gents… May I present the mains!

Happy face in a happy place!

We went for one of the sharing menus. This one was called Perfect Day

Tataki: salmon, kizami wasabi and ponzu. Nigiri: seared salmon, tuna and avocado with miso aïoli and sesame. Maki: crispy ebi, spicy tuna and rice paper with duck and goma. Kani Karokke: crab croquettes and wasabi caesar.Sticks: asparagus with bacon, salmon with teriyaki and chicken meatballs with teriyake

As we both love sticks, we ordered a few more.. Quelle surprise!

The four extra sticks, that we had to have were:  Gyu hābu: Beef and miso herb butter, Yaki yagi: Goat’s cheese with dried ham (one of my favourites), Hotate bacon: Scallops and bacon with miso herb butter – and last but not least the king of them all… Gindara no miso: Black cod and miso! Perfection on a stick!

Nom, nom, nom, nom… 

No dinner without dessert! I went for 3 different variants: Vanilla ice cream with tonga vanilla bean, Fondant dark chocolate caramel, peppermint heart and caramelised hazelnut and Crème brûlée. Delicious! Bonus-info: There are more Japanese inspired versions, as well as Matcha tea on the dessert menu

Sticks’ n’ Sushi never disappoints! It is one of those places, I always take friends and guests for a lovely meal – as it is, what we in Danish would call, “a safe card”. I have never had a bad experience in Sticks’n’ Sushi – and I have eaten at many of their restaurants – in Copenhagen and in London as well! The service if friendly and the staff more than happy to help you find the right choices.

I can only say one more thing about Sticks’n’Sushi… If you haven’t been here, it’s about time!

Bonus-info: “Irasshaimase” (A traditional greeting that is being shout out when someone walks into the restaurant! meaning “Welcome to our house”) 

We were invited as guests at Sticks’ n’ Sushi. All opinions are as always my own