As you may have read in my previous post, Frenchie and I were having the time of our lives in beautiful Salzburg! This is a such a beautiful city – not too big, not to small – just perfect! We spent two days here before moving on to Berchtesgaden

Fortress Hohensalzburg is a real eye-catcher peaking out high above the baroque towers of the city

After a wander around in the city and having a good impression of everything we decided that it was time to use our Salzburg Cards and visit the 11th century castle Fortress Hohensalzburg! Fortress Hohensalzburg sits atop Festungsberg – a small hill in Salzburg. The fortress is open year round. You have the choice of making your way up there on foot, or riding the fortress funicular (“Festungsbahn”) from the Festungsgasse, which we did

This is where it all begins… 

Picture taken from the inside of the Festungsbahn. The view was extraordinary and the ride was only about 5 minutes

Once at the fortress, highlights include the medieval princely chambers as well as a fortress museum, which boasts a fascinating display of objects plucked from the courtly lifestyle of the prince-archbishops. Also you can enjoy food and drinks at the cafes and restaurants.

Curious French person on the loose! 

The Marionette Museum as well as the Museum of the Rainer Regiment also invite you to embark on a journey into the past. (This is the beloved Von Trapp family from “The Sound of Music”)

Curious Danish person on the loose as well…

A view of beautiful Schloss Leopoldskron, where we stayed 

There are more things to explore up here, so you can easily spend a few hours on top of Salzburg! We however wanted a few more hours back in the city, so we went back with the Festungsbahn

If your feet need a break, this could be a beautiful solution!

Mozart’s city currently has 14 coaches standing on Residence Square each day, from where they start off on their short or longer carriage tours. All of the major attractions can be seen, while the drivers tell short anecdotes and readily provide all the important facts and figures on the city

Charming stores in the old town of Salzburg!

Dirndls and lederhosen for young and old! (how adorable is that?)

If you are up for a bit of luxury shopping, that can be arranged too! 

How about some yodelling teddybears?

We ended our day Zipfer Bierhaus  – a very popular traditional Austrian inn with local food and the finest beer

I just love that they have a “Beer-menu”

For the first time in my life I tried a “Semmelknödel” – and even though I have always found it a bit suspiciously looking, it actually tasted really good. Especially with all the wild mushrooms 

Frenchie went for a traditional schnitzel. He was very pleased as well! (And we just love how everything here is much cheaper than in London!) 

After so much delicious food it was time to pack our belongings and go to Berchtesgaden, where a big and very wonderful surprise was waiting for us! Read more about our adventures soon on the blog!

Berghotel Rehlegg in Berchtesgaden where we had a private suite with our own jacuzzi! Honeymooners must read this!

X Louise