Christmas… The season of joy, of gift-giving and of families united! It is that time of the year, where London looks even prettier than usual – and if you haven’t been here in December, you simply must come around! 

Duke of York Square is one of my favourite places to visit at Christmas time

Here, you will find many chic shops along with six lovely restaurants. It is also home to one of London’s best artisan food markets… 

and the iconic Saatchi Gallery!

One of my favourite flagship stores – and the place I simply have to visit, every time I am around, is Dubarry of Ireland

I might live in the big city now – but I was born and raised in the countryside of Jutland!  Dubarry of Ireland Friel Utility Jacket

Being a new mum to little Clara means, that I get out more often! And when I mean “out” it is not to the pub! It is getting a lot of fresh air, which is good for both Clara and me! The Friel Utility Jacket is waterproof and features GORE-TEX product technology to keep me dry. I love that it is both stylish and warm at the same time

Living in a country, where it rains A LOT – and can get pretty cold, you really don’t want to wear high heels and a tiny jacket, when you are out walking around in the streets of London! I am not always a fan of the joys of winter weather – and even though people always say “come on, you are a Viking!”,  I am really not!

Now this is a store, that takes good care of its customers! Mince pies and real champagne (not the “wanna-be-champagne-version”! I was naughty enough to have two glasses!

Shopping-break! Here I am enjoying a mince pie in my beloved waterproof Galway boots that I bought, when I was in Cheltenham a few weeks ago! I can honestly say, that these are the most comfortable boots, I have ever had! An iconic Dubarry boot and a must-have if you ask me!  

There are many different shoes and boots to choose from in the flagship store – and it was hard for me to pick my favourite! What they all have in common is, that they are the perfect foodwear for those, who like to be stylish – and still enjoy outdoor lifestyle 

Meanwhile, Frenchie had found a pair of Kerry leather boots, that he really liked! 

And I must say, that he looked super handsome in them! (Which is why, they will soon be under the Christmas tree, but don’t tell him!)

He also ended up bringing home the classic Belturbet overcoat – a waterproof, warm and breathable winter jacket! I love the way he looks in this outfit, don’t you?

A selection of gorgeous boots for men! 

The Monaghan is a new Chelsea boot for women!

As it has a buckle trim and elasticated sides gussets, it is super easy to enter (even for someone with a wide foot like me!) This is the perfect city-style boot – and it looks amazing paired with the bestselling, tailored Blackthorn Tweed Coat

Beautiful accessories – some are already on my wish-list! (As many of you know, I love hats and bags! And this store certainly has a great selection!

The fitting room is just as stylish as the rest of the store – which is why, I really enjoyed getting dressed in there! (Something I can’t say about many fitting rooms!)

This look made me feel like a country-girl princess! (All I needed was a beautiful horse and a house in The Cotswolds)

I ended up buying the skirt and the boots – the rest is on my wish-list (like most of the items in this store.) Long sleeve fitted Chamomile Ladies Country Shirt, Teflon coated, 100% pure new wool Spindle Tweed Waistcoat and Blossom Tweed Skirt, fitted Sligo Knee-high Boot 

I really didn’t want to go back to the outfit, I came in! I was born to wear tweed! Simple as that!

The Dubarry team treated us really well! I have been here many times – and I am always greeted with a smile! Clara was with us, when we visited  – and when Frenchie took photos of me, the team took turns carrying Clara! Pretty amazing!

Clara and mummy ready to conquer the world! Dubarry Friel Utility Jacket!

This blog post was made in collaboration with Dubarry of Ireland. All opinions are as alway my own!