Last week the weather was absolutely amazing! We simply could not wait to get out in our garden and test our new barbecue accessories gifted to us by Napoleon Barbecues. Frenchie has been a fan for a long time – and we bought our Rogue 365 last year. But now it was time to discover new features – and boy, we were in for a treat! I can not wait to you show the amazing dishes, we have created the last couple of days!

All set and excited with our matching aprons! 

Nothing good has ever come out of cooking with low quality products! This is why we always choose HG Walter – an independent family-run butcher based in Barons Court!

Given the current circumstances, HG Walter delivered their amazing products to our door – and we were NOT disappointed! ( Our survival box included: One whole free range chicken, 3 dry aged Sirloin steaks, Cumberland sausages and Home-cured bacon. This is by far the best meat, we have ever prepared in our home!)

Let’s begin with the chicken, shall we? (Premium cutting board and PRO Executive knife from Napoleon Barbecues 

Frenchie had his mind set on making a French speciality – Chicken Provencal. He was super excited about trying out our new rotisserie kit! 

Preparing the marinade in the sun!

Frenchie removed the warming rack from our grill and placed the rotisserie motor on the mounting bracket. 

How to do it: Slide one rotisserie fork onto the spit rod, just a little more than half way, tighten the thumb screws so that they stay in place. Slide the spit rod into the chicken and press the chicken into the forks already on the spit rod. Slide the other set of forks onto the spit rod and push the sharp points into the meat, then tighten the thumb screw so that everything stays in place. Easy peasy! 

Pour the oil with herbs and lemon over ( and inside) the bird and sprinkle it with the salt, pepper. Rub the seasonings into the meat and make sure that it is spread out evenly. Using butcher’s twine, tie the bird up so that those wings and legs aren’t flopping all over the place

We browned the chicken for about 15 minutes (or until the bird was crispy looking on the outside). Then we turned down the grill, so that the internal grill temperature lowered to about 350°F. )Grill the chicken for 20 minutes per pound until an instant read thermometer reads 165°F)

Looking good, don’t you think? 

Proud Frenchie! 

Tip: Why not make more than one chicken ahead of time and have extras for leftovers, lunches, quick dinners etc.This beauty was going to be eaten right away though!

No meat without vegetables – and if the chicken was easy to make, this was even easier

Now this is really clever – a rotisserie grill basket!

The Napoleon Rotisserie Basket’s rod ports fit most rotisserie rod styles and lock in place with the thumb screw! This beautiful product creates the most delicious wings, crispiest fries, and grill roasted veggies without the addition of oil. (And the stainless steel baskets clean up easily!)

Et voila! Bon appetit!

The day after, it was time for steak! I am such a carnivore – and I was very much looking forward to this… (These are not steaks by the way… These are filled Portobello mushrooms to go with the steak!)

Portobello mushrooms with green beans, tomatoes, blue cheese. oil and salt/ pepper

We were all part of fun!

Beautiful Dry-aged Sirloin steaks and Cumberland sausages from HG Walter. Accompanied by filled Portobello mushrooms prepared on the Napoleon Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

This is the infrared burner – the absolute best tool to sear a steak! 

Bonus-info: The Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ is a fantastic addition to your grill. It uses less gas to produce the most incredible, restaurant quality sear on your food. It heats in seconds for faster grilling and makes an excellent place to cook sauces, steaks and side dishes

Just hanging out, while Frenchie is preparing our food! My dress is by Baukjen and Clara is wearing Mini A Ture Cph and Mille Deux)

What do you think? Not to bad, if you ask me! 

Time for dinner in our garden with Frenchie and Clara!

Someone really loved her Cumberland sausages from HG Walter! We need to get more of those!

Cheers, Daddy – and bon appetit!

Homemade Tiramisu for dessert! It’s my speciality and so easy to make!

We had such a lovely evening together! 

Have you ever thought about cooking your breakfast on a barbecue? If not, you really should. (Home cured bacon and eggs from HG Walter )

This turned out to be a real treat! The Napoleon Reversible Cast Iron Griddle was perfect for making eggs

Another amazing meal was ready to be enjoyed! Clara and Frenchie were more than ready! 

Got to love crispy bacon! 

Hot cappuccino, delicious eggs and bacon with a few grilled tomatoes on the side! Life is good!

My verdict? I had no idea, that you could cook so many different dishes on a barbecue – as long as you have the right tools and products! Napoleon barbecues are renowned for being reliable and long lasting as well as fantastic value for money. The brand was originally established as a steel manufacturer by a German couple who moved to Canada, so you can be sure that the quality of material and engineering in Napoleon barbecues are second to none

We were gifted the accessories from Napoleon barbecues and The Survival box from HG Walter.

All opinions are as always my own

Stay safe! Louise x