If you love Notting Hill and delicious food as much as I do, you need to do yourself a favour and visit Pizza East in Portobello! Notting Hill is the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon, but sightseeing and shopping makes me hungry – and that’s when Pizza East calls my name!

Welcome to Notting Hill’s most popular road – Portobello Road

Portobello Road Market is the world’s largest antiques market with over 1,000 dealers selling every kind of antique and collectible. It is quite busy here and visitors come from all over the world to discover one of London’s best landmarks – but there is a reason why… Portobello contains the most extensive selection of antiques in Britain!

Bonus-info: Portobello is actually several markets in one, (Saturday is the day when all are in full swing). Get to know more here!

One thing, that Notting Hill is particularly known for, is the colourful boutique facades and houses!

– and they really are pretty, don’t you think? 

Pizza East is a modern take on a pizzeria, serving wood oven pizzas, antipasti and daily specials in trendy surroundings. There are three locations in London: Shoreditch, Portobello Road and Kentish Town

The one we visited in Portobello is spread over two floors of a restored Georgian pub in the very heart of Portobello Market. Let’s go inside and take a look, shall we?

It was very busy the day, we came around, so I was super happy to have booked in advance

Photo by Pizza East

The boys were busy making delicious pizzas – but the atmosphere was fun and relaxed 

– and they were completely ok with me running around taking photos of them!  (Notice the woodfire oven. This is where the heavenly pizzas are being made)

As a parent, you are always a bit concerned about the restaurant being child friendly… 

But Pizza East is basically every parents’ dream! High chairs, fun drawing games, kids menu card and a staff that were totally in love with our little Clara! I could not have asked for more!

Yes, we certainly had a lovely time here…

It was hard to choose as the menu card was very, very tempting.The wood oven pizzas all sounded amazing – but so did the antipasti and daily specials 

What to do? Order a little bit of everything… Or a lot! 

Let’s begin with the antipasti. This Beef carpaccio with watercress and parmesan was exactly as a classic carpaccio should be. Light, tasty and leaving room for more dishes

Frenchie and I were both completely in love with the Calamari fritti with caper aioli. I am very fussy about seafood – and coming from Bordeaux  Frenchie knows a lot about seafood. We both agreed…This dish was clearly a winner! A must-try if you visit

We were recommend to try these Pea and taleggio croquettes! They were delicious and certainly a good choice for vegetarians

There wasn’t a lot of “Lady and The Tramp” romance going on, when these 3 divine meatballs with tomato sauce were served. None of us wanted to give the “spare one” to the other. But Clara found the solution. She ate it with real pleasure! 

Another favourite of Claras was the pizza…

Can you blame her! Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you the ultimate pizza with San Daniele, burrata, rocket and tomato. I love burrata so much – and this one certainly didn’t dissapoint. We all ate it with big smile on our faces

Nope, Mummy! You are not having any of my pizza!

Two pizza-lovers having the best time ever

The staff were so lovely and gave Clara a big portion of creamy, delicious Mac ‘n’ cheese. (But daddy was the one, who ate most of it…) Even though Clara really liked it, there are limits to how much a 1-year old can eat. Another big thumbs up for being a really child-friendly place

This guy was so sweet and wanted to get ice-cream for Clara…

We did however decide to share a favourite of mine… Tiramisu with espresso and cappuccino – and read a book for Clara instead of giving her more to eat. I have never seen her eat so much before, so I was nervous, that she was going to explode, if we gave her more. I seriously need to hire this team to cook for Clara in the future!

This heart says it all… 

If you come to eat at Pizza East – you get a lot more than a super food experience. There is love here… And we felt it! I can honestly say, that we can’t wait to come back for more


We were invited as guests at Pizza East. All opinions are as always my own!