Have you ever dined in the skies? With wind blowing in your hair, birds and airplanes flying just above your head, but even better – a prime view of your beloved city! Well, I have – and let me tell you it was quite an experience!

This is “the thing” that was going to take us up in the skies…

So, a few days ago I went to this event – and I really had no idea, what I was getting myself into. But I am so glad that I did it (in spite of people telling me, that they would never ever dare doing what I was about to do)

I arrived at Chelsea College of Arts and met with the wonderful team from DS Automobiles , Events in the Sky and cheerful chefs from Club Gascon.

I was very happy to find out that other lovely bloggers were invited too – and here we are “Team Brave”

Before we were “sent into space” we had a lovely chat with some of the guys from DS Automobiles. We were introduced to some of the different range of cars – and particular fell in love with the DS 7 Crossback, which have only recently been unveiled in Paris.

The new French President Emmanuel Macron took his first journey to the Champs-Elysées in a DS 7 – but it won’t go in sale until 2018

The stunning DS 5 however is available now, so I told my boyfriend, that he should consider buying me one for my birthday…

Because I am Danish I misread the invitation and thought that we were going 100 meters up in the air! Thank God it was only 100 feet! For a moment I actually thought that we needed parachutes. But that wasn’t necessary! (100 feet is high enough for me!)

The guys from Club Gascon were busy preparing a beautiful meal for the food adventurers

And here we are – Team Brave – all happy and a bit nervous (well, I was…)

It was pretty important to make sure, that none of us got too bold and suddenly felt the need of flying! (Here is Hugo hugdecook.com getting buckled into his seat)

Toral Theurbankitchen.co.uk was ready with her camera, Hugo was ecstatic and I was… trying to control my hair 

Final preparations…

– and off we went! I it is hard to describe how it felt. I might have looked a bit pale with a few girly outbreaks…

But Shane from Events in the Sky made sure that we had lovely wine in our glasses – that helped to calm me down 

After a few minutes up there, you actually don’t really think about being afraid! The sun was shining, great food was served – and the company was excellent! We shared blogging experiences and talked about the amazing view

My view from above…

Probably one of the most entertaining chefs, I have ever met! There is just something about the French! This is Michelin Star chef Pascal Aussignac 

Pascale Aussignac certainly lived up to his reputation as a great chef! The food was beautifully presented and tasted like where we were… heaven! 

Dominique Dominiqueeloise.com told me about her upcoming cook book 

Will you look at the view behind us… (Tip: Bring a hairband if you have long hair like us!)

A pictures describes a thousand words…. Pure joy!

Back on the ground – safe and sound! 

I would like to thank the team from DS Automobiles, Events in the Sky and Club Gascon for inviting me. This was the most adventurous, fun and spectacular evening I have had in a long time! Even though I was a bit suspicious, I would happily do it all over again! You only live once, right? For more information and how to get tickets go here.

X Louise