Most people have a place they call home… I actually have two! There is London, where I live and breathe – and then there is Denmark! When you think of Denmark – you think of Copenhagen! But Denmark is so much more! Copenhagen is the capital and I have lived in this beautiful city for almost 20 years, but I was born in Jutland – this is where I grew up and this is where most of my family live

Jutland is a peninsula bounded by the North Sea to the west, the Skagerrak to the north, the Kattegat and Baltic Sea to the east and Germany to the south

I was visiting the West side of Jutland. Actually my parents used to have a summerhouse in Denmark’s most westerly point, Blaavandshuk – and their own house is only 20 minutes drive away from there – so I was brought up in what you might call a rough and windy part of Denmark! We call ourselves Vikings around here! 

The sea is rougher here than in other parts of Denmark, making these beaches excellent water sports areas. I grew up with surfers coming from all parts of the world looking for the perfect waves!

In Jutland you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. In fact there are more than 7,300 kilometres of coastline!

We didn’t have the best weather the day, I took Tanne to the beach (my Mum’s labrador named after author Karen Blixen) – but usually the sun shines here in the summer – and that’s when everybody comes for a good time by the sea!

Put on a pair of old jeans, a warm jacket and some sneakers – and you are all set for fun on the beach! My Mum always says “there is no such thing as bad weather – only inappropriate clothing!”

You are allowed to bring your car to some of the beaches, which can be good fun! Especially in a four wheeler! We took a ride in my Mum’s car – and the dog… well, she was busy doing her own thing!!!


Luckily we also had some days with really nice weather! I always dream of having a garden like my Mum’s – unfortunately there aren’t many private ones in Kensington!


Wild Salmon

In the North Sea there is an abundance of fish species which is unparalleled in Denmark. The reasons for this abundance are the many different types of water in the area combined with the intensive efforts to protect the wildlife and vegetation

We were spoiled with the loveliest seafood! (and the price is probably only half of what you pay in London)

I am lucky that my Mum’s boyfriend is such a good chef! 

If you visit Jutland, I highly recommend that you take a drive up along the west coast of Denmark 

With two national parks, gourmet getaways, active holiday experiences and family attractions, the west coast is a unique, world-class destination. Actually, The Lonely Planet Traveller magazine ranked Denmark as the world’s No 3 destination for family holidays in their “Best in Travel 2014” edition

Surfers of every variety will find exciting challenges along the west coast, while beginners can try the perfect conditions of Ringkøbing Fjord 

Denmark produces almost 50% of its electricity from wind turbines – the highest figure yet recorded worldwide

This is actually a sauna with a seaview! I love it!

Or how about visiting Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum and try to live like a real viking! 

The wild and dry heaths were created by Stone Age farmers who unknowingly exhausted the Danish farm lands. Through thousands of years, the heath was preserved by the heath farmers who also didn’t know any better. Today heath is used to prevent sand migration! We simply love heath, which is why many things are being done to preserve and care for the beautiful heaths that remain in the West Jutland landscape

Make sure to visit the centre of Ringkøbing with its beautiful old streets and houses!

– And enjoy a Danish lunch at Hotel Ringkøbing!

There are many galleries to be found here (mostly art by local artists) 

At Café Teske you can buy EVERYTHING you see (well, more or less) Even the chairs you sit on…

So many cute and adorable things… I really wanted to buy it all!

A home knitted strawberry hat for the little one…

Back at my Mum’s it was time to take Tanne for a walk! And luckily we have many beautiful forests where dogs dont have to be on a leash 

Happy girl and happy dog!


When you are in Denmark you simply MUST try Danish smørrebrød!

Smørrebrød usually consists of a piece of buttered rye bread with topping, that among others can refer to  cold cuts, pieces of meat or fish, cheese or spreads. The decoration is very  important to create a tasty and visually appealing food item. Simply yummy!

The last thing I want to show you from my trip to Jutland is the Tirpitz Museum

During World War II about 200 concrete bunkers for Nazi soldiers were built along the Danish coast! Denmark’s largest was The Tirpitz bunker, which measured 7500 square feet and was located in Blaavand. Named after a German battleship the bunker never saw military action. Nazi soldiers abandoned is construction in 1945

Today Tirpitz has been turned into a museum. The elegant new museum, joined to the bunker by a tunnel, is designed by architects Bjarke Ingels. A series of incisions appear in the sand dunes, leading to a hidden, airy square from which the exhibition spaces radiate.

Inside, the three new permanent exhibition spaces have been conceptualised by Dutch designers Tinker Imagineers. The result is an intriguing experience. It is, says Tinker director Erik Bär, “a scenographic journey through the time and space of West Jutland. The idea is that the whole place comes to life following the rhythms of nature.”

In the West Coast Stories exhibit, visitors embark on a “daylight” journey and a “darkened experience” that tell the story of how the tides brought wealth and stability to the area on the one hand, and took lives on the other.

The largest collection of amber in Denmark is found in Gold of the Sea, complete with recreations of 40 million-year-old trees weeping resin

In contrast, a recreated landscape of bunkers appear in An Army of Concrete, where visitors can learn about the Atlantic Wall and step back in time to see how war left its marks

Last – but not least there is also the possibility to visit the original old Tirpitz bunker! Indeed a dark period of time…


I realise that this post became quite long, but I had so many things to share from my trip back home to Jutland. Jutland might not be the first choice, when going to Denmark – but trust me, you are missing out on so much, if you choose only to go to Copenhagen! If you have any questions or things to add, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you

X Louise