You might not have guessed it… But The Royal Opera House in London is actually a very child-friendly place! I absolutely love taking Clara here – and trust me, you won’t feel alone, when bringing your little one. Family Sundays are a very popular event for families to come and explore the Royal Opera House, its artists and the world of opera and ballet. Clara is not quite old enough to attend these creative and practical activities, but when she turns three, we will be there on the dot.

Speaking of dots.. Did you know, that you can take your little one to Opera and Ballet Dots at the Royal Opera House? This is such a wonderful thing to do and here is why…

The dream of being a prima ballerina… I think most of us have been there! I was personally too clumsy to make it happen! Oh well… One can always dream. This is the ROH Pop Up Shop, which you will find in the very heart of Covent Garden

You will discover all kinds of wonderful gifts here…

I personally love the ballet biscuits!

 – and I know someone, who most certainly loves the adorable tutu skirts….

When Clara was a bit younger, she saw the tutu skirts for the first time in the ROH shop…

 – and she fell in love! Well, we all did! (Clara, mum and grand-mum) 

So it was a big surprise for us, when ROH invited us to Ballet Dots – with a very special gift for Clara! (Just look at her little face!) I think, I was just as excited as she was!

Prima ballerina in spe dancing in the halls of the ROH

 – with her very special friend, Luna – who was in a black tutu. (Odette and Odile?) Well, this black swan was a bit nicer, then the original of course! 

If you haven’t been to the Royal Opera House yet, you simply have to go!

Bonus-info: The Royal Opera House (ROH) is an opera house and major performing arts venue in Covent Garden.The large building is often referred to as simply “Covent Garden”, after a previous use of the site of the opera house’s original construction in 1732. It is the home of The Royal Opera, The Royal Ballet, and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. Originally called the Theatre Royal, it served primarily as a playhouse for the first hundred years of its history. In 1734, the first ballet was presented. A year later, Handel’s first season of operas began. Many of his operas and oratorios were specifically written for Covent Garden and had their premieres there.

“Take my breath away”! That is how you feel, when entering the gorgeous Paul Hamlyn Hall. where Opera and Ballet Dots take place

It is important to stretch before doing ballet! Clara is in tip top shape!

It is not allowed to take photos during the workshop, but we did get approval to take a few shots – as long as no one else are recognisable in the photos – except for the members/ teachers. These are a few photos from Ballet Dots

At Ballet Dots you get to explore the repertory of The Royal Ballet through creative movement and dance, accompanied by live piano music. Babies and children with their parents and carers are encouraged to move together through creative, fun and sensory workshops, which are designed to complement early years development. It is all very relaxing, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting caught up in all the other things that makes this place so very special

Clara loves music so much… I love that we are allowed to play the piano here

It is also totally ok to take a little break, if the prima ballerina gets a bit tired…

Here are a few shots from Opera Dots… As you can see Clara was a bit younger here, but she had so much fun

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for grand-mum? Why don’t you give her tickets to Opera Dots, so she can take her granddaughter and grandson for a fun day at The ROH?

We love Opera Dots because you get to discover the world of opera through fun participatory workshops for children and adults, full of singing, music and stories!  No experience is needed, just enthusiasm! If you are in doubt about choosing between Opera and Ballet Dots, I will recommend starting with Opera Dots, as the teachers are all dressed up and it is so much fun singing and jumping around

The piano players here are SO sweet and patient. This one really tried to teach Clara to play a bit, when it was her turn – and my heart just melted!

Isn’t this just the sweetest thing? We will definitely come back for more workshops at the ROH…

Clara was very tired after all the fun, she had, so she decided to take a little nap in stroller, while mum had a coffee in the ROH café…

 – and a little walk around in beautiful Covent Garden, which was all dressed up for Christmas

Want to know more about The Royal Opera House? Why don’t you come with me for a classic opera with afternoon tea right here?

We were invited as guests at The Royal Opera House. All opinions are as always my own