Sitting here with so much love in my heart and wondering, how to begin this blog post. I am not really sure, why this one is a bit hard for me to write, but it is like, when something really, really wonderful is happening in my life, I sometimes get a little sad?  Do you know that feeling? It is hard to explain, but I think it makes sense to many, when thinking about wanting to share something important, but you can’t – because some are not with us anymore! 

Clara’s Christening gown… A gown that has been worn by many little ones in our family and I was the first! 

All of our names are embroidered in the gown – Clara’s as well!

When life-changing events (happy or unhappy) happen in our lives, we learn a lot! Some things will never be the same, which is why it is SO important to treasure everything we have got. Be grateful for the people you love – and love you back.  My father passed away a few years ago, and the Lord closed a door. Luckily he opened a window with the arrival of little Clara – and with Frenchie by my side things certainly changed for the better.  A wise person once said “After the rain comes the sun” – and the sun certainly was shining on the day our little girl got her name”

Happy… and a little bit nervous as well! We are ready for the christening of Clara

We were the first to arrive at St. Jacobi Church in my old hometown in Jutland! I was already a bit emotional, when entering this place, as most of my family have a history here, when it comes to christenings, marriages and funerals

Bonus-info: In this church babies are christened as a symbol of welcome and belonging to the famiy of the Church. In this ceremony water is sprinkled on the baby’s head as a symbol of new life and of being washed clean from sin. Parents and “faddere” promise to bring the baby up in the Christian faith following Jesus’s example

Clara was in a good mood, so it was super easy getting her changed into the very long gown

A very proud mum with the most beautiful child in the world (and I am not being subjective at all!)

Frenchie might not be the most religious person in the world… But he did look very happy when carrying his little daughter into the church 

Front row: The proud parents and my mother. The rest of the family were seated behind, but we weren’t that many, as Frenchie’s family stayed in France, where we will (maybe) have a second christening – if the Catholics will have us! (We tried to arrange a christening in France at first, but that was a longer and more difficult process than expected)

The big moment! Clara has a VERY long name… Let me just give you the first three “Clara Penelope Henriette…” – and then a whole lot of surnames as well, so the priest had to practice a lot before the christening (as Clara’s names are all pronounced in French!) 

When she asked us “What is the child’s name”, we were both giggling thinking about the troubles, the poor priest had to go trough to learn to pronounce her name… At the same time my grandmother shushed my brother, as he couldn’t help himself saying very loud “I wonder if she can get a credit card that is longer than usual for all those names?” (I must admit, that I found the comment highly amusing) 

At home my mother had prepared lunch for all of us with tapas and cute decorations

Served with cold white wine it was all very delicious on a warm August day…

– and while we were eating, my mother’s labrador Tanne was taking care of Clara! It’s funny with dogs… They just know, who to protect! 

Picture time… It was very important that Clara’s gown looked as pretty as possible. A little dummy helped to keep her busy and look like the angel she is (except from when she is not!)

This is our favourite! One thing I noticed when I was writing this blog post is my mothers feet! It actually looks like it is Clara’s feet (I am laughing out loud right now!)

Well, we can’t win them all! I still think it is a beautiful photo – and I am sure, that my father was smiling down at us, when it was taken! He might not have been there physically  but I am sure he was there in spirit

Clara’s gifts were so sweet! There was a little bit of everything: Children’s fairytales by famous author Hans Christian Andersen, bible stories for children, a necklace from Tiffany and Co, danish design clothing and and an elephant on wheels  from Sebra (too cute)

The shoes are from much loved danish brand Angulus – and the silverware used to be mine when I was a little girl. Now it belongs to Clara

A “do-it-yourself” baby’s first hand and foot print box (I love this idea), baby design clothing and a silver bracelet with little hearts

The red painting is from family-friend and famous danish singer Johnny Madsen. There is a personal message on the back of the painting for Clara. Such a lovely gift from him! Have you seen the little fairytale suitcases? They are perfect for Clara’s girly things, aren’t they? 

I am a VERY big fan of the danish design brand Georg Jensen. It was always a beloved brand in my family and worldwide known for its quality craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic design. Christening favourites: Birthday flag, Elephant picture frame and Moneyphant by Georg Jensen

Our little princess! Have you ever met anyone so cute? (again – I am not being subjective at all…) 

Clara’s christening was an emotional day for me. We kept it quite private, which is why, I am not showing too many photos. There was a lot of love in the family that day. I think we were all looking forward to celebrate a new life – and grateful for being there to take part of it. I held a speech for my mother. She is the most loving, kindest, unselfish and strongest person I know – and if it hadn’t been for her and all of her help, Clara might not have been born, so “Thank you, mum – for all that you are!”

(Also a big “Thank you” to Frenchie’s parents for their help with Clara!)

“Clara, my darling… I never knew unconditional love before you came in to my life! Motherhood is the best thing, that has ever happened to me, and from the moment they placed you in my arms, you snuggled right into my heart!

You are loved…

Louise X