Christmas is almost here – and with everything, that is going on in our world right now, we spend A LOT of time in our home. Two adults, one toddler and a Norwegian forrest cat named Dolly Parton… That’s us! My husband is French, and he loves to cook with our daughter, Clara. When they spend time in the kitchen, things can become a bit messy! Luckily I have found a solution, if something goes wrong!

Here I am with the new love of my life (well, almost).. The BISSELL CrossWave! (and eggs all over the kitchen floor)

Bonus-info: The BISSELL CrossWave launched in the UK in 2018. It was (and still is) a unique product to the floor-care category. When I heard of the CrossWave, I honestly thought it was too good to be true. It claims to be able to combine the chores of vacuuming and mopping at the same time! Oh, and it is suitable for both hard floors and carpets! Seriously? “That thing must break within 10 mins”, I thought!

Well, actually it didn’t. Before I received my Crosswave, I watched a lot of videos on You Tube to find out more about my new wonder product! No doubt, that this is an amazing appliance…. Everyone seemed to love it! And now it was my time to find out, if this was something, that I could – or couldn’t live without!

Hey Daddy! Let’s bake a cake!

I can handle the eggs! It’s fine! I am almost three years old now!

What is happening here?


Dolly Parton was not impressed with Clara’s little egg-stravaganza show

BISSELL CrossWave to the rescue!

This was honestly the first time, that I tried using my CrossWave, so I was really excited to see how well it worked – and if it was easy to use!

At first you need to use the BISSELL Multi-surface cleaning solution…

Take your clean water tank and fill it with hand-hot water. The tank has two water levels – one for a small area and one for a larger area! 

As I had a rather large area to clean, I filled up the tank to where it says “water” in the large area – and the rest I filled with cleaning solution to the line that says” formula”. (Make sure to shake the tank before putting it back in place)

Conveniently located on the top of the handle, you have two switches – one that says “hard floor” – and one that says “area rug” (Here I would obviously use the hard floor” switch) 

Bonus-info: The only difference between these two settings is, that on the rug setting the machine will distribute more solution on to the roller enable you to get your rugs clean and on the hard floor setting it uses less solution, which also means that the floor dries quicker! (How clever is that!)

Ok, here we go!

As you can see, the CrossWave did an amazing job! I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes! (Notice all the egg-shells inside the machine!) This machine really impressed me and the floor was perfectly clean! 

Yes, this is actually everything, that was on my kitchen floor a few moments ago!

Bye, bye dirt!

When you finish using the BISSELL CrossWave, you need to empty out the dirty water and rinse the tank and filter!

You will also need to clean the multi-surface brush from time to time! (It is very easy to do!)

This is the brilliant self-storage tray! (Such a clever thing!) All you have to do is pour in some water to the maximum fill line, turn the machine on and leave it to clean for about 10-15 seconds.( See more in my Instagram stories and highlights) 

No more long, cat hair flying around!

Did you know that… BISSELL calls the CrossWave “The Vop” because it Vacs and Mops all at the same time! I love it!

As mentioned earlier the CrossWave cleans multiple floor types. We have brand-new carpets in our house, so I was very pleased to see the outcome of this… Have you noticed, how dirty the water is? (Even though the carpets looked so clean before beginning to use the CrossWave!)

Clara is a big fan of our Christmas tree – and she insists on helping me out, when it comes to the decor! Sometimes things brake! That is what happens, when you have a toddler in your home! But the CrossWave is the perfect littler helper

 – and so is Clara! 

My verdict? I am super impressed with my new BISSELL CrossWave and I would 100% recommend this machine – especially if you have a lot of hard floors to clean! I showed it to my mother, and she is so jealous now – so I might have to get one for her for Christmas! The CrossWave does an excellent job, it removes a surprising amount of dirt on floors, that I considered clean –  AND it is easy to use and to clean! The only thing, you have to accept, is the noise level.Otherwise it is out of this world

This is a paid collaboration with BISSELL and All opinions are as always my own