I don’t think there is a place on earth, where Christmas is more celebrated than in London! It is definitely the season to visit markets and fairs all over town (preferably with a hot mulled wine in your hand to get you in the merry spirit)


This Sunday Chelsea and particularly Elizabeth Street in Belgravia was transformed into a winter wonderland, thriving with handmade craft stalls and boutique market sellers, children’s entertainment, choirs, brass bands and delicious festive food and drinks. Now, this is an offer, you can’t refuse, so of course Frenchie and I went to make the most of the capital’s jolly festivities!


This was so sweet! Little children singing Christmas carols on King’s Road


Wrapped up warm and ready for serious Christmas shopping!


And it certainly was busy at Elizabeth Street!


People came in all shapes and sizes…


Some even had a tail! (I wanted to buy one for Frenchie, but he refused!)


Even our furry little friends showed up to see, what the fuss was all about!


Apparently tweed is the thing amongst dog lovers (I’m a fan as well!) These lovely treats for your favourite doggy can be bought here


 One got his Christmas present a bit early! He looks so cute, but seemed a bit insecure about the new style! 


No market without food! And there were plenty of stalls to choose from!


Of course I headed directly to the Irish cheese monger to find some yummy goats cheese


The burger place was very popular as well!


But not as popular as this place! Everybody wanted mulled wine (including me, so patience was needed!)


But it was worth the wait! I simply love mulled wine! (and it keeps you warm as well)


All the ladies of Chelsea had quite a lot of fun with these spectacular hats! (Not really sure, if the Willy Wonka style is my taste though…)


I did however take a closer look, but decided to maintain the classic hat, I was already wearing


Tutu skirts for the little princesses (I wanted one, but they didn’t have it in my size!)





Even though it wasn’t a big Christmas market, there were lots of things to look at


This little beauty made me fall in love! He was simply adorable with his big feet and soft fur


I also had a chat with his brother (Giving him directions to my parent’s house for Christmas Eve – in case Santa became a bit tipsy from mulled wine and had trouble finding his way to Denmark!)


“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” (so I can get a ride in Santa’s sleigh)


The London international Gospel Choir was in a festive mood! 

We ended our Sunday trip walking around in beautiful Belgravia. The sun was shining, and I simply had to take more pictures of the area


A fashion blogger was posing in front of Peggy Porschen


And I posed in front of Beulah (there was a lot of posing going on that day!)


Mozart posed on Ebury Street 


… and people enjoyed the last bit of sun at La Poule au Pot


Almost passed by Wild at heart without even looking (big mistake)


Don’t you just want to take it all home with you?


Especially this one!!!

I hope you enjoyed my Sunday stroll in the beautiful sunny and crisp weather! There are so many Christmas markets going on right now in London, so if you aren’t in the neighbourhood take a look at Time out London –  they are completely up to date with all, you need to know about Christmas in London! Please leave a comment, so I know, you’ve stopped by. That would make me so happy! Love from Louise