Clara loves being in the water – and I love giving her a bath! Bath time is the perfect bonding time for us, but it can also be a little stressful, as we mums want to ensure that our little one is safe, that the water temperature is right, that we are using the right products – and last but not least keep our baby warm afterwards! In this blog post, I will show, how to make bath time a lovely and fun part of the evening routine

Make sure the water is comfortably warm. (My thermometer is about 37 degrees C to 38 degrees C). You could also use your elbow to gauge the temperature. It should feel neither hot nor cold.

I am a big fan of thermometers! The first one, we had, unfortunately broke after a couple of weeks – so I advise you to go for the best quality from the beginning! The Safety 1st Frog Digital Thermometer floats in the water and its digital screen allows for easy reading. Bonus: The cute frog also serves as a bath toy to keep baby entertained. Clara loves him! (She is half French after all!)

Another great product from Safety 1st is the inflatable spout protector! Clara is now 6 months old  – and we are bringing her with us into the tub. To avoid bump and burn, this is just the perfect idea! 

Important: No matter how many items, you use to protect your baby, you should always watch her the entire time she in the bath – even if you’re using a special bath, support or seat, or have an older sibling to help!

Baby tubs, buckets and bath all come in different shapes and sizes! We used a baby bath for Clara the first five months – but now, that we bring her to the tub, we have moved over to the Safety 1st Swivel bath seat

The Swivel bath seat gives your baby extra support to sit in the bathtub safely, while you have your hands free to bathe her. Its 360° swivel action lets you gently turn baby to wash those “difficult-to-reach areas”

Four suction pads ensure stability and a safe bath time!

How deep should the water be? For newborns and babies up to six months old, make sure there’s enough water for your baby to settle in the water!

If you want, it is safe (and very bonding) for you or your partner to have a bath with your baby – but wait until she is about two months old. If possible, ask someone to hold your baby, while you clamber in and out… Handling a wriggling, wet and slippery baby takes practice and confidence (I remember, how nervous Frenchie and I were, when we gave Clara her first baths!)

As you can see, someone was clearly enjoying her bath! Tip: You don’t need to wash your baby’s hair every day, as it produces very little oil – so once or twice a week is fine.

The fun rotating ball keeps Clara entertained!

Now before you start, it is really important make sure you have got everything you need close at hand: Towels, cotton wool or wipes, a clean nappy, baby products, vest and a sleep suit. Your baby can quickly lose body heat, when you take her out of the water. So keep the room warm, wrap her in a hooded towel and pat her dry – paying special attention to the creases in her skin

Award-winning Sophie the Sea Lion Groswaddledry from The Gro Company is our favourite! 

Made of quick drying hypoallergenic microfibre, the Groswaddledry has been specially designed to recreate the soothing effects of swaddling after bath time. Bonus: The super soft hood with embroidered sea lion face is not only adorable – it is also perfect for keeping baby warm and dry

If the room is cosy and warm, this is a good time to massage and pamper your baby, helping her to relax and sleep. There are many great products on the market, but my favourites are the ones from Mustela. 

Here are a few, that I can’t live without: Moisturising and soothing massage oil. (A wonderful dry massage oil, that can be used from birth on). Another must-have is the new 123 Vitamin barrier cream. It has been specially formulated to tackle irritations and redness! (I use it to ensure that changing Clara´s diaper remains an enjoyable moment!)

My winner: The bestselling gentle cleansing gel for baby and child! This is a tear-free cleansing gel for hair and body, which can be used from birth on! The gentle cleansing gel has a biodegradable formula, that is fortified with Vitamin B5 – and cleans thoroughly without stripping the skin and scalp of natural oils

One of the newer products from Mustela is the “Soothing Chest Rub”. It is the perfect winter remedy! A small amount leaves Clara’s skin moisturised, comfortable, smelling good and contains Mustela’s patented hero ingredient Avocado Perseose

Worth knowing: When your baby is newborn, you may find it easier to bath her during the day. But when you and your baby are ready, there is no reason why a bath can’t become part of the bedtime routine! (Warm water can help your baby to relax and make her sleepy) Also it is so much easier to bath your little one, when you are not expecting any interruptions – and have time to devote to your baby. Bonus-info: It is best if your baby is awake and contented before you start, and between feeds, so she is neither hungry nor full!

Bath time in the big baby pool! Clara is confident and ready for new adventures

I think it is important, that Clara learns to swim, so each Sunday we take her to Angel Swim in Chelsea! Here, they teach babies, toddlers and children to swim in very small groups, so there is a lot of focus on each baby! Got to love quality over quantity!

– Also I love to watch Clara and her daddy having a wonderful time together!

I hope you enjoyed bath time with us! If you have anything to add or more tips, please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

Louise X