Did you know that… There is a magical, hidden gem close to Buckingham Palace and St. James’ Park? I had no idea, that this place existed, before I was invited to an even more magical Afternoon Tea experience. This is how a boring Tuesday turned in to an exotic, delicious, romantic and adventurous date with Frenchie… Welcome to Kona at Taj 51

Taj 51 Buckingham Gate is unlike any other 5 star luxury hotel in London. The hotel is well-known for its taylor-made suites and residences – providing guests with more space and more flexibility to accommodate families, state delegations or executives travelling on business! Would love to stay here for a night!

There are three palatial townhouses overlooking a private plant-filled courtyard – gorgeous don’t you think?

Hello, beautiful Belle! Belle is designed by the artists Briony Anderson and Paul Macgee. She was purchased by Taj 51 in support of Elephant Family, who endeavour to protect the Asian Elephant and preserve their natural habitat. Love this! 

Outside Kona. Loving the entrance! I felt like a Queen entering! Perfect, when you are actually having the Queen of Hearts Afternoon Tea!

The brand-new Queen of Hearts Afternoon Tea features beautifully designed pastries and scrumptious savoury treats inspired by the foul-tempered monarch from the beloved children’s classic “Alice in Wonderland” ( The physical menu card was available for this photo only)

Safety, hygiene and physical distancing… So important! So the menu card and a few probs have been removed for the time being!  (By the way – will you look at those bespoke hand-made top hats! I really wanted to try one, but they were for display only)

Service is clearly a key pillar here, and the staff are knowledgeable, very polite and helpful

It is easy to see why the Queen of Hearts Afternoon Tea is so popular. Tables are immaculately laid out with beautiful china to match the theme  (“Alice in Wonderland”)… 

– and the dishes are more creative than the norm!

I can still remember the first time, I saw the Afternoon Tea photos from Kona on Instagram. I felt an immediate need to come and try it out myself! I was not disappointed! Everything was just beautiful

Some of the sweet temptations included” Off With Their Heads” – a delicious banana moelleux with a raspberry crémeux dress, “No White Roses” – an indulgent Victorian red velvet cupcake topped with the iconic ‘half painted’ roses and a delicious chocolate ganache, “Running Late” – a strawberry pocket watch macaron, intrinsically decorated with milk chocolate piping, “Checkmate” – a redcurrant and chocolate Battenberg cake in the style of a classic checker board, “Tea Party at 6” – a dark chocolate hat, fitting for a mad-hatters tea party and “Royal Flush” – a mouth-watering orange semolina cake, adorned with fresh strawberries and blackberries in a chess-like formation (this was my favourite, but they were all delicious!)

The adorable tea sandwiches replicated the Queen’s soldiers and playing cards and included” On Duty” – Coronation chicken on carrot bread (It was so good, that we had to order more). “Pick a Card” – smoked salmon with horseradish crème fraîche on rye bread, “Double Time” – egg mayonnaise classic and “In Line” – cucumber and soft cheese on beetroot bread

Bonus-info: The scrumptious savoury treats and scones are beautifully presented on fine china plates with Sir John Tenniel’s original book illustrations from the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collection, while the sweet treats preside over a glass checkerboard. I so wanted to take that chine home with me! Clara would love it just as much as me!

We had such a lovely afternoon at Kona Taj 51! I can not recommend this gorgeous Afternoon Tea experience enough! It is probably one of the most beautiful presentations, I have seen –  and the service here is impeccable! 

I brought Frenchie, who really loved it – but when Clara gets a bit older, she should be allowed to come to. I can only imagine that it must be a wonderful experience for children to enjoy the “Queen of Heart’s Afternoon Tea”!

We were invited as guests to Kona. All opinions are as always my own


Kona ,St. James Court

A Taj Hotel, 54 Buckingham Gate

London SW1E 6AF