“Mummy… I am booored!”

Everyone must stay at home these days to help stop the spread of the Corona-virus – and that can be quite a challenge for both adults and kids! Clara misses her nursery and her little friends, and I find it hard to entertain her all of the time – (especially as she is not really old enough to watch an entire Disney movie or concentrate too long on a single activity)

Encouraging toddlers to explore the right things and not get into too many of the wrong ones is a challenge for everyone, I believe!

Luckily we have a garden in our house in London, which means, that we can stay home and still get some fresh air! As you can see, Clara has been helping me out doing a bit of sweeping, as we decided that it was time to get her a sandpit from Big Game Hunters UK! Exciting times, as she absolutely loves sand pits!

The sandpit, that we were getting, is the 1.2 hexagonal sandpit with protective cover. You need to buy the sand yourself and for this size, we ordered 125kg play pit sand online, which was delivered to our door a couple of days after…

Non-toxic play pit sand from Wickes…

Frenchie and Clara on a mission! It went a bit faster without Clara’s help, but I loved seeing them together like this!

The 1.2m hexagonal sandpit is easy to assemble and can be ready to be filled in within an hour. Its simple yet sturdy design makes it a great garden investment. There is seating all around the sandpit so the children can sit by themselves or together while they enjoy building and creating sand cities in their very own sand world. 

Clara could hardly wait to start playing…

Happy camper! I was so thrilled to see how much fun Clara was having in her new sandpit! The sandpit was not expensive and I am completely sure, that she will love playing here for a long time

Bonus-info: You really don’t need a big garden/ terrace for this sandpit, which makes it an excellent “bigcity-choice”. The smaller footprint and design means it requires less sand to fill than most other sandpits available – and there is also a PE protective cover included to protect the sand when not in use (this is ideal for keeping unwanted animals and falling debris out of your fresh sand)

Well, Hello there! Welcome to my new Wigwam!

Another great idea for indoors and outdoors adventures! This beautiful Floral Teepee Wigwam play teepee from Big Game Hunters is made with thick canvas for durability and strength. It has a water-resistant coating and durable wooden poles. (Psstt… It is currently on sale!)

The moment, Clara laid her eyes on the teepee, she fell in love! She took her favourite teddies inside and they had a lovely tea-party!


Playing peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek is still a hit… Clara loves hiding in the teepee – and I love seeing her excited face, when she “reveals” her hiding place (that I obviously couldn’t find!)

Bonus-info: Assembly is very quick and easy, so your child can start playing in minutes! The flower teepee is also easy to store after playtime – just gather the poles and canvas together to stand neatly in the corner of the bedroom

These are challenging times  – and what is needed at the moment is fun games for families that can be done in a garden or livingroom. The good news is they exist! And I hope that I have inspired you a bit with this blogpost

Stay home and stay safe!

The sandpit and the wigwam were gifted to us. All opinions are as always my own