Holiday hugs and kissing under the mistletoe! It certainly is the season to be jolly in London! This Sunday, I went to magical Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – and I must say, my jaws literally dropped, when I entered this magnificent place of fun and festivities. How do you describe something so amazing, that words are not enough?


Welcome to Winter Wonderland!

Of all the places in London, I don’t think there is a faster way to get a fix of the Christmas spirit than here. You can indulge yourself at the Angels and Fairies huge Christmas market, skate around the stunning ice rink, enjoy the traditional German Christmas market with more than 200 charming wooden chalets overflowing with festive goods-  or how about nurturing your inner child in the amazing fun houses and fairs (and this is only to mention a few!) There are SO many activities at this place – and even though it is big, Winter Wonderland still manage to keep it really cosy and nice! This is not Disneyland, this is so much more!


Here we are at the Bavarian Village looking for German sausages and glühwein, while  enjoying sing-alongs and watching people dancing to the Oom-pah bands .

The Bavarian Village with outdoor bars and food stalls was my favourite place. I really felt like I was on a skiing holiday, and even though the music was a bit corny, I just couldn’t help myself singing along while doing a little dance in my moon boots.


Good old memories back in the golden days as a Skiing-instructor! 


Treasure troves in large cobber pots


Glühwein in my belly! Oh, what a joy! 


But baby, it’s cold outside!  Here is the solution! 


I dont think this one is freezing, though! 


Live-music from Mr DJ! He wasn’t exactly x-factor worthy, but he really knew how to make people laugh and sing along!


I found this giant a bit scary – especially when he suddenly started talking to the bird!


Decisions, decisions! 


I really loved these pretzels! They were all warm and fresh! 


In these little wooden chalets you will find unique gifts, handmade crafts, traditional Christmas ornaments and culinary yummies! 


It is hard not to get tempted


Fancy an eatable camera?

Now, Im not a big fan of action-packed adventures, so I decided that it was enough just to have a look at all the amazing (and stomach-churning) rides placed around in Winter Wonderland. Sometimes it is best to keep both feet on the ground! I was however more than willing to give it a go at the reindeer race – and what do you know, I actually won!


Spotting my competitors before entering the race!


Meet my new best friend, Rudolph!


I think, that Rudolph enjoyed his freedom. We showed him around, and he was very excited!


The Giant Wheel in the background – You will be taken 60 metres into the air overlooking the Wonderland and London. Private pods are even available.


The Euro-coaster! Not really sure, it will be there next year?


Helter Skelter covered in bubbles! What a sight for sore eyes!


Beautiful carousels everywhere! 


Time for a break – and a German brat-wurst! (I think the girl behind me thought, I was a bit crazy, but Rudolph was hungry – and so was I!)


I dont think, that they will run out of ketchup and mustard!


I really wanted the unicorn ballon…


But the little girl beat me at the game and got it! 


So Frenchie suggested, that we got me a new, stylish hat instead! (that didn’t happen!)


This was a very popular place to take selfies! 


I however decided to get my picture taken with a human-size minion at the wood carver!

I hope this post inspired you to visit this festive fairground. Remember to wrap up warm! The Winter Wonderland is outdoors, so layer up. Especially if you’re making your way to the Magical Ice Kingdom or Bar Ice. The entrance is free, but you will need cash! Honestly, you will struggle around the winter markets without it, and all the rides require tokens (purchased at £1 each). Expect to pay from £2 for children’s rides and £3 for others.

Please leave a comment and let me know, if you have anything to add to this post or just to say hello (I would love to hear from you)