When Friday comes, the only decision you need to make is bottle or glass! Am I right, or am I right? Last Friday Frenchie and I were feeling Fridaylicious, so we decided to meet up with some friends at the historic Chelsea pub The Phene


The Phene was built in 1850 by Victorian philanthropist Samuel Phene, who wanted a place for servants and tenants to drink. The pub has now been converted into a more stylish place with a purple lounge bar, where you can get all cosy with a great selection of library books, wine and food


(Again I managed to get myself featured in the broken mirror with my Leica – but besides from that, isn’t this just a great bar?)


The outdoor terrace is extremely popular! Especially in the summer! Thank God, they have heating lamps in the winter! 

So what makes The Phene so popular? First of all, I love the location. The Phene is placed in a quiet area, so no big roads outside with disturbing noice – AND my favourite bridge in LondonAlbert Bridge” is only a few steps away, if you feel like taking a little stroll (maybe hand in hand with someone special) Second, I like the diversity of the pub. You can choose to sit outside at the beach-bar style terrace, at the first-floor lounge, inside in the cosy bar-area – or you can go to the lovely restaurant, where we were placed


Mirror mirror on the wall, don’t let me get tipsy and fall! 

Ok, time for wine and maybe a few nibbles! We went for the mezze board with sweet potato falafel, stuffed wine leaves, kalamata olives, grilled flatbread, ricotta stuffed chillies, babaganoush and harissa hummus (it was delicious!)


The Phene also serves more traditional pub food and bigger dishes – but we mainly came for the wine!


The lovely Carmela took really good care of us! Here she is showing us a nice bottle of white wine



Good food, good wine, good friends = good time! 


Hmmm, what else is on the menu?


I’ll take this one, please

We had lovely wine at The Phene, and the staff was really warm and friendly. If you haven’t booked a table in advance, I suggest, that you do it! We were lucky to get a table. This place is very popular!


Book-worm from another great evening at The Phene

For some The Phene might be seen as a really posh place, but in my opinion it is very relaxed! It has a homely feel, and you can come as you are! I would say, that The Phene is more than “just another pub”, so it is ok to dress up a little bit in the weekends! The Phene is, as I would put it, classic British with a stylish twist!