Christmas has come to town again, the festive lights are on, the high-street is bustling and Santas are waving to you everywhere you look. So…. whether you like it or not – now it is time to sort your way through all the presents and gift ideas!

To help get your mind in the festive spirit, I have created a gift guide with suggestions for everyone. Whether it is a present for a that special one in your life, your parents, your friend, children or pets – there should be something here to inspire. And because it is Christmas some of the ideas come with special voucher codes for my readers only! You are welcome! 

For the little ones…

As some of you might know, I am a mom-to-be! We are expecting a little girl in spring 2018 – and we are SO excited. What I have discovered is, that the trend right now is all about unisex colours! Now you can call me old-fashioned, but I really do love blue/pink  – and since we are having a girl, I must admit, that pink is a colour you certainly will notice looking at my collection of lovely baby-things

Baby girls’ pink unicorn dress with silver stars from Debenhams! I can’t wait to see my little girl in this one!

A beautiful selection of baby necessities from Bizzi Growin! From the left: Primrose nursery bedding range, Primrose bumper wraps, supersoft Koochicoo blanket, brightly coloured Rainbow chevron knitted blanket, Grey linen Bizzi Growin POD Travel Changing Bag, reversible Elephant chenille blanket and Little dreamer play mat in soft plush fabric!

SPECIAL VOUCHER CODE: Get 25% off your Bizzi Growin order by using this code: LOU25

My Favourites: The Primrose nursery bedding range with matching bumper wraps (110cm x 130cm)

– and the Little Dreamer soft padded rabbit play mat with a mirror and a squeaky cheek as well as other features (112cm x 80cm)

Got to love tartan! Adorable Frill sleve dress from Next (I have a weakness for tartan as my father always bought me tartan dresses after having been on trips to Scotland… Oh those sweet Christmas memories!)

As some of you might know, I am big fan of the soft toy company Jomanda  

From the left: Bunny baby rattle, Bunny baby slippers (my favourite – sooo cute!), Sleepy bunny pillow, Sitting pony, Bunny toy soother! There are plenty of other animals to choose from if you are not a bunny-fan like me!

SPECIAL VOUCHER CODE: Get 10% off your Jomanda order by using this code: LOULOVES10 (valid until Jan 2018)

Well, I couldn’t really help myself here… Frenchie was laughing a lot, when I showed the baby sleep suits to him! But I simply had to buy them! Ecru Mummy and Daddy character sleep suits from Next

For the food lovers…

Now I don’t know many, who wouldn’t love to get a subscription food box filled with the yummiest, most indulgent products from the UK’s best small independent producers! 

At Guzzl Club you will receive a range of sweet and savoury treats from the most popular items in the newly opened store in Brixton. And yes, there is also a vegetarian version! (The subscription box costs £25 per month – and you can cancel your subscription at anytime. ) Guzzl Club are also doing a number of Christmas one-off boxes, the smallest one is £25 and the larger ones £49 and £75. 

SPECIAL VOUCHER CODE: Get 75% off your first Guzzl Club order by using this code: Lulu75 (Only subscription boxes! Valid until May 2018)

A little treat for him… (Peter Jones)

a little treat for her… (Peter Jones)

– and a little treat for them both… (Peter Jones)

It might look delicious, but unfortunately its not eatable! Hand painted Cake Stand Christmas Decoration from Fortnum & Mason

Adorable Christmas Candy Cane Iced Biscuits Box

Or how about this beautiful festive Champagne & Chocolate gift box? (There are delicious Marc de Champagne Truffles in the bottom drawer) Very luxurious! 

I dont think it is a secret that I love food – and I also love good cocktails (when I am not pregnant, that is!) I recently visited Bird of Smithfield and had the most amazing food and drinks! What I didn’t know, is that Bird of Smithfield also offer private cocktail masterclasses!

If  Cocktail Masterclass is something for you, please write to and get 10% off if you book through my blog

Last but not least how about a fondue savoyard box from La Fromagerie? You can choose between many different boxes with amazing wine and cheeses… Just beautiful! 

For her…

This year, I am not really wishing for any clothing gifts, as my tummy is getting bigger and bigger as we speak. I have however found a few things, that I would love to wear for Christmas parties – if my belly would have allowed me so…

Cinderella for an evening… Pale purple sequinned midi dress (now 30% off in Debenhams)

Maybe there is room for a pregnancy belly? Black embellished mini shift dress(now 30% off in Debenhams)

As a Journalist/ Blogger I love scribbling! So I was really happy, when I was given this beautiful handcrafted Smythson Panama pocket notebook in the finest cross-grain leather. This notebook is lightweight, portable and will make the perfect gift or travel companion. The pocket book comes with different messages on the cover and you can get it in many lovely colours

One of my all time favourite parfumes… Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Christmas gift set 

The ultimate luxury… Earrings in metal/gold from Chanel 

“Starry starry night!… Beautiful gold and pearly white necklace from Chanel

For him…

I have always found it extremely difficult to buy presents for men! And when I ask Frenchie, what is on his wishlist, he usually says something extremely silly, which means that I am basically on my own. I do however think, that I have managed to find a few good things after all..

When you live in London an umbrella is a must-have! So why not make it a stylish one? I find this London umbrella with Sherlock Holmes handle perfect for a real gentleman! You can get it at the beautiful world famous James Smith & Sons Umbrella Shop at New Oxford Street – or you can buy it online!

Speaking of gentlemen… Your fella might not think it is the most incredible experience being dragged around in London for girly afternoon teas, but there is a solution to this problem! The Wellesley Hotel is celebrating the legacy of Winston Churchill with a special Afternoon Tea-  featuring themed treats such as bowler hat shaped tiramisu cups and filo pastry cannoli cigars with dark chocolate mousse! Problem solved – and maybe you will even get to enjoy this gift idea as well! 

I know, I know… I do like the classic look of a real British gentleman! I actually didn’t know about New & Lingwood until Frenchie one day showed me this unique store in Jermyn Street! It is not cheap here, but you can actually get some pretty good deals. I managed to buy a silk dressing gown for Frenchie at his 40s birthday 50% off! You might not find the offers online, but go and visit the store! It is a wonderful hidden gem! (Fuchsia and Turquoise Peacock unlined silk dressing gown)

For your pet…

Frenchie and I will be spending Christmas in Denmark this year. Since my mother has the cutest brown labrador, we decided to buy the dog a little something as well. She loves toys – so we thought this one would be quite amusing to give her… The Dog Perignon! (When you shake it it squeaks!)

A more Deluxe present for your dog is the hand-made dog biscuits gift box from famous and award winning Biscuiteers in London

And if you are a cat-lover, I suggest that you send your cat on the holiday of lifetime with Landmark Pet Houses! These novelty pet houses are made from 100% recycled, double-walled cardboard – and they are actually 50% off right now! 

For the good-hearted souls…

Cards for Good Causes  is UK’s largest multi-charity Christmas card organisation! It has a fabulous range of festive gifts, decorations, wrapping and stocking fillers – AND one of the largest selections of Christmas cards!  The best part… Everything you buy raises funds for fantastic charities, large and small!  You can either shop online or visit the pop-up shop in Holy Trinity Church  (one of several pop-ups in London) near Sloane Square –  it is open every day until the 19 December

Being Champion of Work for has been one of my great experiences as a blogger! Read more here

One of the best things, I have done lately is to adopt a lion! There are so many endangered animals, that need help. And for only as little as 3 pounds a month you can become a WWF adopter  

This became a very long blog post… But I had so many Christmas present ideas, that I wanted to share with you – and I really hope, that you got inspired! (Please notice that some of the voucher codes might first work from the beginning of next week)

Happy Christmas shopping!

X Louise