I feel very lucky these days… Frenchie and I have good things coming our way, which means that my appetite is quite strong at the moment (and probably will be for a while). When you love quality food as much as I do, there is nothing better than going to a restaurant, where you already know, that nothing can go wrong!

Welcome to Sticks n Sushi in Covent Garden (Henrietta Street)

Being Danish, I already knew Sticks n Sushi from the time I lived in Copenhagen! It was my favourite place to go for really good sushi and incredibly tasty sticks! So of course I was very pleased to find out, that the Sticks n Sushi founders Jens and Kim Rahbek and Thor Anderson had done the same as me – jumped on a plane and moved their concept to London! 

(Bonus-info: You can still find Sticks n Sushi in Copenhagen if you are around! My favourite is the one at the Tivoli Hotel, with an incredible view of the city and romanic double swings in the bar!)

Photo: Sticksnsushi.co.uk

There are seven different restaurants to choose from. We went to the one in Covent Garden! (As you can see the place was quite full, when we arrived on a Monday evening! So I suggest that you book a table in advance if you want to make sure to be seated upstairs)

I love the signature printed t-shirts on the staff

As we booked too late for a table upstairs, we had the option to go downstairs. At first I wasn’t too happy with it, but it was actually quite cosy – and less busy!

You can either sit by the bar and watch the entertaining chefs in action – or sit at high tables, which we did

Warm and fresh towels were served before dinner

No dinner without a glass of wine! White wine goes well with sushi!

I was thrilled to see, that the menu card was the same as the one I know from my time in Copenhagen

What I really love is, that the food is so beautifully presented – and you can actually SEE, what you are getting! (Despite many years of Japanese dining, it quickly dawns on me that I don’t actually know what half of the dishes on most Japanese restaurants actually are – so this visual guide allowed me to explore the menu with a little more confidence!) 

The menu card has more or less everything your heart (and tummy) desires! In other words – there is A LOT to choose from. You can either go for small dishes – or an entire menu

The Yakitori sticks are simply a must! We were three people at the party, so we decided for a few starters, a big menu – and a variety of sticks! Honestly we ordered too much, but somehow we still managed to eat most if it! (The rest you get to bring home!)

We started off with one of my favourites! This is Crispy Ebi bites: Tempura shrimp, miso aïoli, chili, lime & coriander

Another highly recommendable starter is Beef Tataki: Beef, smoked cheese, chives, almonds, yuzu-kosho & spicy goma

Edamame with salt and lemon!

As we had chosen the menu “Perfect day”, we were served these little delights: Kani Korokke, crab croquettes with wasabi caesar (very, very, delicious) 

Tataki: Seared salmon, kizami wasabi, daikon, cress & ponzu

Time for Maki! We had Spicy tuna, Crispy ebi and Rice paper with duck and goma! I particularly was a fan of the rice paper version. It was light, crunchy with a lot of taste! (Bonus-info: if you are an vegetarian, you won’t feel left out – as there are plenty of veggie sushi choices and sides to choose from)

Frenchie’s favourites: Nigiri with Seared salmon, Tuna and Avocado

When the beautiful Yakitori sticks were served at the end, I was honestly feeling a bit full! So my tip is not to order too much to begin with! You can always order more! (A concept I still haven’t learned!)

Sticks: Chicken meatballs with teriyaki, Salmon with teriyaki, Asparagus wrapped in bacon and my favourite – Goat’s cheese with dried ham 

My verdict? This has – and will always be my favourite place to go for sushi! Pricing is reasonable considering it is a cool/ classy place with great quality food, (although it is easy to let the visuals on the menu tempt you into over-ordering… Ahemm!)

I will most certainly be back… 

X Louise