Last Sunday we had the most amazing weather in London! And when the sun is out, you really don’t want to sit at home doing nothing! On Sundays many Londoners go out out and enjoy their beloved Sunday Roast at their favourite pubs! This is a free country – and people can do whatever they feel like, but when the weather is like this the last thing I want to do is to sit inside a dark pub!

London has SO many beautiful parks, so why not pack a picnic basket, bring a blanket and head out for some “green”?

Frenchie and I decided to go north-west and visit The Regent’s Park. I have only been here once before – and I fell completely in love! Beauty overload! 

The Regent’s Park was designed by John Nash and covers 395 acres. The park has an outer ring road called the Outer Circle and an inner ring road called the Inner Circle, which surrounds the most carefully tended section of the park, Queen Mary’s Gardens. We only visited parts of the park, but to mention a few The Regent’s Park is the home of London Zoo, The Open Air Theatre and Primrose Hill

Standing in front of The Jubilee Gates – main entrance to Queen Mary’s Gardens (my favourite area in The Regent´s Park!)

The beautiful Jubilee Gates are grand iron and gilded semi-circular gates that were installed to mark the Silver Jubilee of King George V and the official opening of Queen Mary’s Gardens in 1935

Let’s go and take a closer look inside, shall we?

Roses everywhere you look! I can still remember the first time, Frenchie brought me here. “This must be, what Paradise looks like”, I said to him!

Picnics and parties in the sun! The striped deck chairs are available for 1.60 pound pr hour! 

Probably the most amazing flower garden in any park of London! Make sure to visit when the flowers are in full bloom!

I really don’t know much about trees and flowers – and when they bloom! We were here in June and July (I would say June was the perfect month, but if you are looking for cherry blossom trees in bloom, spring is the time to visit!)

This is The Triton Fountain! A group of bronze sculptures that depict a sea God blowing on a conch shell with two mermaids at his feet. The group stand in the centre of a round pool.

Didn’t bring a picnic basket? Don’t despair… The Regent’s Bar & Kitchen is right in the heart of Regent’s Park, framed by the gorgeous gardens of the Inner Circle. 

We didn’t have access to The Open Air Theatre, but this is definitely on my wish list! Jesus Christ Superstar is playing in August! Perhaps an idea to go?

Inside The Open Air Theatre! (Image by Time Out London)

Here we are – the magnificent rose garden!

Queen Mary´s garden has London’s largest collection of roses with approximately 12,000 roses planted within the gardens. There are 85 single variety beds on display, including one which is home to our very own ‘Royal Parks’ rose. Examples of most rose varieties, from the classics to the most modern English roses, are present in the gardens.

Beautiful benches are available for visitors to sit and enjoy the garden! I could have stayed here forever!

Frenchie looking like a sunflower searching for the sun! 

meanwhile I was searching for more flowers with funny names! 

Moving on for more adventures in the park!

The boating lake is open daily from 10:30 am – 6:00 pm from April through to the end of October and offers rowing boats and adult pedalos for hire!

Get you pedalo here! (and bring your patience!)

Isn’t this just the cutest? The separate children’s lake is open weekends, bank holidays and school holidays only  (4 pounds for 20 mins)

Can someone please explain to me why this lake was green?

I also got some new friends on the way…

I realise that this post became quite long, but honestly if you bring your camera, you will not be able to stop yourself going blitz-crazy! The Regent’s Park is is a masterpiece of landscape design and there are so many things to see and do! I have only mentioned a few, so if you are curious to know more, you should take a look here

I can not think of a better place to enjoy a sunny Sunday in London! Hope you have enjoyed my post! Please let me know, if you know of any other amazing parks in London, that you would like to share with me and my readers!

X Louise