Have you ever imagined a place in London where you can eat, listen to music, dance, and even sing along with a live band – in the middle of the day? Well, I have and let me tell you… The place exists, and it was a great experience!

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to spoil myself with a Saturday Brunch at The Piano Works in Farringdon

The Piano Works is an underground hidden gem in a 400 standing, victorian listed, warehouse in the heart of Farringdon

What really makes Londoners raving about this venue is the incredible live music. You don’t just go there to sit down and watch a show in silence (well, you can – but once the music starts you won’t be able to stand still anyway) At this place, the audience decides the music – meaning the power truly is with the people.

The experience begins when entering the venue and you go down the stairs 

Carly and Sany greeted us with big smiles and took our coats. I could hear the music in the background and was very curious to see, what was going on behind the double doors

We went into a raw space with exposed brickwork and central pillars dressed with a mixture of candles, bar top lamps and colourful spotlights.

The band was placed at the centre stage surrounded by visitors, which created an intimate and informal atmosphere.

Two pianos, drums, trumpets, guitarists and accompanying vocalists allowed the audience to be the DJ, with musicians performing any song that our heart desired. Apparently the members of the band change every day – and to my great surprise most of the time they are strangers, who come together on stage to jam out

Three words: crazy, sexy, cool…

We took a seat at a high top table close to the band – a perfect spot for a great show.

I also took a closer look at the very cool bar! Frenchie wanted a bloody Mary – and it tasted so good, that I asked Michael the bartender to make me one too…

He certainly knew what he was doing… 

Not too spicy for me, please… 

Et voila! Perfection in a glas! It was soooo good! 

The Bloody Marys came with two beautiful jars with colourful spicy vegetables and herbs… A bit too strong for me, but Frenchie loved the chilies… I think the idea was brilliant! 

This is the menu card for the Saturday Brunch!

We looked over the menu, which is filled with yummy dishes. I had a hard time choosing, but we decided to go for three different courses to share.

Being a great fan of Eggs Benedict, we of course had to taste the “Love me or hate me Eggs Benedict” (I most certainly loved it)

This is the “Standard smash avo”! Highly recommendable!

We honestly didn’t need the third dish (the portions are big!) – but we simply couldn’t decide, so this delicious “Cajun back bacon bap” went easily down as well! And then we were more than full! (I apologise for not being able to take better pictures, but it wasn’t easy in dimmed light! It was however very easy to enjoy the food, holding hands and singing along to the music!)

Our very sweet server Jenae came over and told us about the process of choosing a song! It  really was quite simple! 

You write down whichever song, you wish to hear on a napkin and give it to the server, who then passes it on to the band. And what do you know… after a while I could enjoy the tunes of Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere”.  The band truly was phenomenal! 

 There never was a dull moment at this fabulous bar!

I would like to thank the team of The Piano Works for the music, food and lots of fun! This post was about Brunch, but The Piano Works is also open in the evenings for a great and really entertaining night out. Read all about what’s on here – and remember to book in advance here! Go ahead and sing your heart out! You only live once! 

X Louise