I love my mother! She is by far the most important person in my life and the one I can always rely on whatever might happen. As you probably know, I am from Denmark – and that’s where my mother lives! So when she comes for a visit, I always try to think of something really nice and girly, we can do together.

My mother loves Afternoon Tea just as much as I do – and she also likes a bit of sightseeing! And have I got news for you! You can actually combine the two activities in one!  The fantastic, indulgent sightseeing combo takes place in a vintage double decker bus, where you can enjoy the sights of London whilst having your afternoon tea.

What’s not to love? We are so ready for the ultimate girls day out 

This vintage double decker bus has been revamped to create a cool and comfortable place to dine. You’ll make your way around London on a carefree tour, as you can tuck into an array of sweet and savoury treats that will be displayed on tiered stands. 

Everything here is so beautifully branded with super stylish illustrations.

The perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day!

So where does this marvellous idea come from? Well, there is a beautiful bakery in Covent garden called Brigit’s Bakery (also known as B Bakery). B Bakery specialises in Afternoon Tea with a French Twist – L’Afternoon Tea.

You can choose to enjoy the Afternoon Tea either at the glamorous Tea Salon in Covent Garden or on the move as we did on the hugely popular B Afternoon Tea Bus Tour!  They have actually also expanded into doing teas on boats as well! (book your tickets here)

The drinks menu! Everything is included in the price!

I was a little worried about spilling! But the adorably illustrated travel cups for your hot drinks had little cup holders dug into the tables so there’s was no danger of spillages at all. 

We also had delicious freshly made juice!

Enjoying dainty sandwiches and mini quiches in a variety of flavours alongside scones, mini cupcakes, sweet pastries and macaroons. (Bonus info: B Bakery also provide gluten-free, vegetarian and halal options! If there’s anything you can’t eat, they’ll replace it with something else)

Pink pleasures…

I really wanted to take this one home with me…


Yummy, yummy in my tummy!

My mother was very pleased too…

All of this was accompanied with famous London views including London Eye, Big Ben and Nelson’s column – truly delightful.

Capturing the heart of the city on a bus! (Bonus-info: The tour bus route started near Trafalgar Square before looping around Big Ben, Harrods, Buckingham Palace, Notting Hill, Marble Arch, Piccadilly Circus and finished back at the beginning again)

Antoine and Norman took good care of us! They were really sweet and made sure, that we had all, that we needed!

Westminster and Parliament covered in flowers after the attack…

Hyde Park…

The Albert Memorial…

Victoria and Albert Museum…

The London Eye…

– Yippee! we got to keep the travel cups!

And we were even given the cutest little box for the cakes, we didn’t eat! (greatly appreciated by Frenchie, who ate them all, when he came home from work!)

I would like to thank Antoine, Norman and the team from Brigit’s Bakery for the most amazing day out with my mother! We really enjoyed everything! This is a highly recommendable tour for everybody to enjoy (there were also men and children on board the bus!)

X Louise