Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting The Coca-Cola London Eye. The London Eye is the world’s tallest cantilevered wheel – and trust me when I say the views are simply breath-taking!

It was pretty cold that weekend but luckily there was no fog, so my friend Lara and I had the perfect opportunity to enjoy our beloved city form above!

Lara and I met at Embankment and crossed the The Golden Jubilee Bridge for the ultimate view of the giant ferris wheel

The London Eye is located on the South Bank, right next to the River Thames. I suggest that visitors travelling by Tube should use Waterloo, Embankment, Charing Cross or Westminster stations. 

Very excited about my upcoming adventures!

Met a horse with my name on it on the way!

As this was Lara’s first time at The London Eye she was a bit nervous standing on the ground looking up at this amazing master-piece (but I can tell you you won’t feel nervous once you are up in the skies!)

This is the ticket office. (Tip: You can also buy tickets online to avoid getting the “sold out” notice! This is a very popular attraction – especially in the summer!)

As we were generously invited, we went to the VIP ticket office! (Tip: If you choose this option you will avoid the line and able to use the fast track entry)

Tickets to heaven!

Visitors are treated to a gently paced half-hour ride in space age capsules holding 25 people each, hopping on and off as the wheel moves

Safe and sound in the capsule! Each rotation in one of the 32 high-tech glass capsules takes approximately 30 minutes and gives you an ever changing perspective of London

Inside the capsule you can chose either to sit or stand up for the perfect view 

Lara enjoyed every moment!

The magic thing about The London Eye is that you really don’t feel nervous about being up in the skies. The way the ferris wheel gracefully rotates makes you feel at ease and completely overwhelmed by the views over the River Thames, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

You will be lifted high enough to see up to 40 kilometres on a clear day whilst keeping you close enough to see the spectacular details of the city unfolding beneath you. 

Within each capsule, interactive guides allow you to explore the capital’s iconic landmarks in several languages.

Happy Danish girl!

Surreal – but amazing! 

Hello, Big Ben and Houses of Parliament! 

Safe and sound back on the ground! 

I really had the most wonderful time at The London Eye! There is reason why it is one of London’s most popular attractions –  it simply is incomparable to anything else, if you want to get the full view of the city from above! Make sure to choose a day where the weather allows you to get the full experience! If you have any questions or tips please leave a message in the comment-box below.

Have a great weekend!

X Louise