Before you start reading this post, I would recommend you to snuggle down into a comfortable chair, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and perhaps light a candle or two. The sense of cosiness you are feeling right now might just be “hygge” – and “hygge” is excactly what this post is about. The story takes place in one of London’s loveliest Danish restaurants “Snaps & Rye

Very excited about going back to my roots! 

January is not exactly the greatest month of the year. Basically Frenchie and I have been struggling with a never-ending cold and really needed a romantic night out. Fortunately I found out, that there is a place in Notting Hill, that illuminates the Danish soul and my need for “hygge”.

Yes, this is it! Welcome to Snaps & Rye (the sign made me feel right at home!)

Hellooo! I just saw the most amazing bike outside! Can I take a photo for my readers, please?

– and here it is! This reminds me so much of Denmark, where there are more bicycles than cars in the streets! (simply adorable, isn’t it?)

Now, I don’t want to say anything bad about living in London – I LOVE LONDON, but sometimes I really miss all the cosiness, that we Danes embrace so well! The concept of “hygge” has become very popular these days (the word was actually shortlisted to be the 2016 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year – but “post-truth” won!) One thing my Danish friend Lara and I talked about, when both moving over here was, “where are the candles?” You can’t really buy candles here – unless they cost a million pounds, and not many restaurants use candles!

But at Snaps & Rye they love candles and believe me – the warm glow of candlelight makes a huge difference, if you want to “hygge”

Danish words about food on the wall! I tried to explain them to Frenchie. He thought it was quite amusing trying to pronounce them. (Danish is not an easy language to learn!)

This place embodies all that’s best about Scandinavian design. Simple and functional, but every detail designed or chosen with aesthetic pleasure in mind.

I can honestly say, I have never met a friendlier staff. We felt right at home here – and even though I am Danish and understand the menu, they were very good at explaining, what we were having to Frenchie! 

Snaps & Rye was actually voted number 20 in Time Out London´s top 50 best restaurants 2015-2016! Quite an achievement! 

Looking at the menu card in front of pictures of my home country! We had the 4 course set menu (it changes every week!)

Being a Viking restaurant you can’t have a menu card without snaps and beer! And the selection here was exquisite! We did however choose a wine, as Frenchie is not a real Viking and I still haven’t managed to teach him to drink beer yet! 

We chose Riesling! “Kung Fu Girl”, Washington 2014! It was a lovely wine and the price was reasonable! 


I was so happy with the pre-starter! (How I just love smørrebrød!)

Danish and Asian fusion! Crisp soused duck roll, Asier, Carrot and Cashews! Very delicious

Still water from Iskilde 

In between the courses I had a little wander and sneak peeks around the restaurant

So many Scandinavian beauties to buy and bring home!

Scented candles!!! ( I knew it!)

The best Liquorish (lakrids) in the world! Absolutely love it!  (and not easy to come by in London! You simply have to try it!)

You can even buy a book about “Hygge” here – a guide to understand why Danes are often considered the happiest people in the world!

Just checking out some of the other books!  There are plenty to choose from! 

The next course was probably my favourite! This is Snaps-cured Salmon, Prawns, Cucumber, Sorrel Gel and Rye (the salmon and the shrimps were amazing!)

While sitting and enjoying our food a lady came in to the restaurant talking to the waitress! And she left again with a bag in her hand… When I talked to the waitress telling her, how much I loved the salmon, she told me that the lady who was just here actually came to ask if it was possible to bring home some salmon to her very sick husband… It was the only thing he wanted! I was deeply touched by this story!

Moving on to the main course. We could choose between meat and fish, so we had one of each! This is Onglet Steak, Vasterbotten Polenta Chips, Roast Challots and Green Peppercorn  

Artic Char Filet, Tartar, Straw Potatoes, Braised Fennel, Seaweed Mayo and Capers

Showing Frenchie were I used to live in Copenhagen before moving to London

As you can see the Snaps and Akvavit selection is quite impressive! They even have homemade snaps as well! 

Frenchie was very curious so we tried a few different ones with our Brie! 

It was a big glas! But I was very convinced that it would be healthy for me!

Brie! Yummy, yummy Brie with the best crackers ever! 

We finished our delicious meal with Citronfromage, Blackcurrants and Shortbread!

 I am actually not a fan of this very Danish dessert! But this one was amazing – and I ate it all with pleasure! 

Snaps & Rye is owned by local couple Kell and Jacqueline Skött and you can find the restaurant in the northern part of Golborne Road in Notting Hill! I had a chat with Kell in the kitchen, where he was preparing food with Cornish chef Tania Steytler. Kell is Danish too, and we found out that we were actually brought up in the same area in Jutland. He also told me that he has worked with some of the bests gourmet chefs in Denmark ( I know a few myself from the time I worked as an Online Editor)

Bonus info: Hygge didn’t originate in the Danish language but in Norwegian, where it meant something like “well-being.” It first appeared in Danish writing around the end of the 18th Century and the Danes have embraced it ever since. One good thing about hygge is that you can apply it anywhere – also in London! 

I would like to thank Kell and Jacqueline for a lovely evening and for making me feel at home again! I highly recommend this place! You will be warmly welcomed and the food is simply impeccable!


X Louise