Happy New Year 2018
I can't believe how time flies... I feel it wasn't many hours ago, since I jumped on a plane to Denmark for Christmas celebrations with my family - and now we are officially in January 2018! Oh well, time flies when you are in good company, they say! Well, here we are... 2018! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and celebrated New Years Eve in style! … (16 comments)

What London taught me so far…
2016 has been an amazing, but also a challenging year for me! I took a big decision and left my hometown Copenhagen to follow my dreams in London. Luckily for me, I met Frenchie, so I never really felt lonely in my new city. Even though some things seems strange to me here - and I do miss my family and friends, I have never regretted moving over. I would like to share some of my best moments so far with you and hope they will be inspiring to you also. … (4 comments)