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Remembering the Departed

Remembering the Departed
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Im not really sure, what October does to me… Everything is in change here in London. Lush green colours turn into beautiful yellow, red and orange. The days are getting shorter and Im not leaving my home without a hat or a scarf. It is that time of the year, where Frenchie and I start discussing, whether it should be colder or warmer in the flat (I prefer the latter, in spite of being a viking)

We celebrate Halloween – and already Christmas is knocking on the door. Time flies…

Even though I couldn’t be happier, where I am, there will be times to have a little wander down Memory Lane – and thats what I did!


My father is often on my mind! He was a great personality and someone, who always made me feel loved. 5 years ago he had to give up the fight against cancer, and he was gone.

This is not a post about being sad – this is a post about celebrating life and remembering the good times. It is ok to have a bit of autumn blues – I think we all do from time to time. My way of turning a sad feeling around, is by being with people, that I love – get out of the flat and feel the love at sacred places! (no, Im not preaching some weird religious mantra here!)


Yesterday, Frenchie and I went to St. Mary Abbots at High Street Kensington. Its a beautiful little church from 1872 built by Architect Sir George Gilbert Scott.

Sir George Gilbert Scott was probably one of the most famous and sought after architects of his day. He was an archetypal Victorian architect, confident and eclectic in his range of buildings and styles.


I didn’t take a picture of the church from the inside out of respect for The All Saints Sunday, but it is really beautiful in there and in spite of being quite damaged by fire-bombs in 1944, the main structure was not seriously harmed.

I love churches! I often go and light a candle for my father. Not because Im a very religious person, but because the silence and the beauty of life touches me, when Im in the presence of strong believers.

There are plenty of amazing churches in London. And I promise to post more pictures in the nearest future. Until then… London is a very busy city. Its ok to take a breath from time to time and just enjoy being alive!