Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018
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I can’t believe how time flies… I feel it wasn’t many hours ago, since I jumped on a plane to Denmark for Christmas celebrations with my family – and now we are officially in January 2018! Oh well, time flies when you are in good company, they say! Well, here we are… 2018! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and celebrated New Years Eve in style!

Speaking of “jumped” on a plane! Christmas in Heathrow Airport is crowded – and so are the planes! Being equipped with a baby-bump, I suggest you offer a bit of money on the exit seats for more space! (Especially if you are related to giraffes like Frenchie and I) By the way… I have no idea, what Frenchie is doing at this picture, but it was fun!

In Denmark at my Mum’s house everything was beautifully decorated as always!

I tried to get my Mum’s Labrador “Tanne” (named after famous author Karen Blixen) to take a real Christmassy picture with me. It wasn’t easy as someone was roasting something yummy in the kitchen and obviously much more interesting than having a picture taken for my blog!

As you can see, it was literarily Mission Impossible! I have the highest respect for animal photographers after this “experience”

I helped decorating the Christmas Tree! This is a tradition my mother and I have! We have always done this together drinking mulled wine and listening to Mariah Carey (I think, I know her Christmas album forwards and backwards by now!)

My uncle works as a Santa during the Christmas days… I don’t know about you, but he looks a bit like he had too many mulled wines behind that big beard!

And of course Frenchie had to try on some of the outfit! He didn’t really look like Santa though! More like Nordic God Odin or The Lord himself! (if only I had this on video. We were laughing SO much of this)

My Mother and her boyfriend fully concentrated on Christmas food! Sadly I lost my father to a brain tumor 6 years ago, but luckily Niels Christian came along – and my Mother is very happy again! If there is one thing I really wish for, it is my Mother’s happiness. I truly would not know, what to do without her!

Danish roast pork with cracklings…

– and two juicy ducks! This is very traditional Danish Christmas Food

Another important thing is the dessert! This is called Ris A La Mande (rice pudding with cherry sauce). Inside the dessert there is a whole almond hidden – and the one who gets it, wins a price! (I actually won this year! The present was a sponsorship to a child in Africa! Bless my Mother’s soft heart!) 

Mum and Dad to be! (It’s not redwine in my glass by the way… It’s Diet Cola! No alcohol for me this Christmas)

 – But surely I was allowed my Mother’s homemade candy… This is the part, where I love being pregnant! You can’t see if you have eaten too much or if it’s just the baby-bump getting bigger! Joy, oh Joy!

Speaking of baby-bump… My little one is certainly getting bigger day by day (week 18 pregnant!)

“This is how we doooo it”! My auntie invited us all to a lovely Christmas dinner! So great to see everybody again! (Frenchie was forced to taste my aunties homemade snaps more than once! He was in a very good mood that evening!)

I love the way my auntie decorates for Christmas! A combination of traditional and Nordic styled Christmas ornaments

Last but not least… Another very important tradition! Dancing around the Christmas tree while singing Christmas carols ! Frenchie has never tried this before he met me! It still leaves him puzzled… 

My Christmas presents this year were exactly, what I was hoping for!  A lovely tweed cape from Holland & Cooper (which can be worn both pregnant and non-pregnant!) – and from Frenchie a Prada bag with lots of space, now that I soon need room for more than just a phone, camera, Oyster Card and a lipstick! (Tip: You can get these beauties in Bicester Village for a great price! Always love a good deal, right!)

Also Frenchie and I were spoiled with cute babywear (mainly from one of my favourite brands Miffy and  Ralph Lauren Kids ) No doubt, we are having a girl with all that pink!  Bonusinfo: There is a sale going on at the online Ralph Lauren store! Many things are 50% off! 

Back home it was time to celebrate New Year’s Eve

After many discussions, we finally decided to just celebrate at home! I was not in the mood for going out to a big party – and my trip to Denmark had made me a bit tired. So Frenchie went shopping – and we made ourselves a lovely home-cooked meal! This is blinis with salmon salad!

Frenchie opened a bottle of Champagne for himself – I had a little sip! It tasted very good! Wasn’t jealous at all! (The Danish queen was having her annual New Year’s Speech on the television,  so I of course wanted to hear, what she had to say)

Our dinner mainly consisted of lovely seafood, which suited me fine after a lot of heavy Christmas food…

Our dessert, however was not exactly light! I had created my own Tiramisu and was very proud! I am not the best chef, so this was quite an achievement for me! 

Celebrating 2018 in our home! Next year we will hopefully have another little family member joining us. I can’t wait!

So what else is new? I entered 2018 with the biggest news in a while! I woke up to an email, which made me shout out so loud, that it literarily could be measured on a Richter Scale! It said “Congratulations! You are a finalist for the UK Blog Awards 2018!” I was so happy (and running around in my apartment like a crazy person!) I can not express, how honoured, proud and happy I am to have made it to the finals! We were many thousands competing for a place – and I got one! WOW! Just WOW!

“These are better days“, as good, old Bruce Springsteen says! I wish you all a Happy New Year! May this new year be a joyful ride for you and your family!

X Louise






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  • What lovely celebrations, hun! So happy for your mum, who seems like a woman with the biggest heart! And YOU ARE BLOOMING with that bump!
    Congratulations as well on the nomination – what a great year to celebrate for you blog- and life-wise!

    • Thank you so much, Honey
      Yes, my mother is my hero! It might sound a bit corny, but she really is! She is supporting so many charities and has so much love in her heart in spite of hard times as well!
      I hope I can be the same for my little daughter!
      Regarding the nomination… I still can’t believe it! Little ol’ me! I guess the days of miracles aren’t over yet 🙂
      X Louise

  • Oh my that sounds a lovely family Christmas and adding Crispy Pork crackling, roasted duck and a beautiful labrador into the mix…wonderful!

    • Hahaha yes, the dog is an asset – even though she can be really naughty sometimes!

      X Louise

  • Great to see a full Danish Christmas Louise! And Frenchie clearly takes the task of pouring champagne tres seriously indeed. Congratulations on making the shortlist for UKBA2018. Scarlett xx

    • He is not French for nothing, you know! Even though I love living here in London, I truly treasure the Danish traditions! Might even bring them over here, when we have out first Christmas in London 🙂
      Thank you regarding the nomination, Darling

      X Louise

  • Lovely holiday post!
    Congratulations! Xo

  • Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family in Denmark and a great start to the new year back home! So much to look forward to in 2018 with the little one on the way – the girly outfits are so cute and congratulations on making it to the finals for the UK Blog Awards! Happy New Year, Louise!

    Miriam xx

    • Thank you, Miriam

      I just can’t stop buying baby stuff! It is soooo exciting! 😀

      Also thank you regarding my nomination! I am so happy and proud to have gone this far with my little blog 🙂

      X Louise

  • Happy New Year Louise. What a wonderful time and so much wonderful food you had for both Christmas and New Year. Congrats on the UK Blog Awards nomination. This was my first holiday without my dad, we lost in Sept. Seeing your comments gives me hope.

    • I am so sorry to hear this Evelyne… It is really hard to loose someone dear to you. But things will get better! I promise (sending you loving thoughts)

      Yes, there was a lot of food! And I fear that I have gained too much weight, so the baby-bump isn’t really an excuse… Need to eat more healthy the last 5 months 😀

      Love to you from me

  • Your seafood New Year’s dinner looks perfect. And I enjoyed living vicariously through your Christmas celebrations. Good luck with the bump.

  • What a lovely christmas and congratulations on becoming one of the finalists for the UK blog awards!!! how incredibly exciting =o)


    • Thank you so much! Yes, it really is so exciting! It is my first award nomination, so obviously it means a lot to me and my beloved blog 😀

      X Louise

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