The ups and downs of Old Bond Street – all about my shopping experiences!
I love Old Bond Street in London a lot! It is like entering a world of luxury and beauty - and you basically want to buy it all (if your wallet would allow you!) This is a bit of an unusual post for me to write, because I always try to show the positive sides of London - and you guys know, that I SIMPLY LOVE MY CITY, but for some reason I felt the need to share my ambivalent shopping adventures in Old Bond Street with you. … (4 comments)

The perfect Christmas gift – with voucher surprises for my readers only!
Christmas is all about love! It is about family and being around people, who are dear to you. But Christmas is also about presents! Now the whole present thing can be pretty stressful. You spend a lot of time thinking about budgets, what to give and where to get it! We all want to find the best gifts ever - and there is nothing worse than getting a "Oh ehhh wow.... a pair of Santa socks.... ahemmm, thats just what I needed."…