Everything looks better in colour – which is why, you should go to Notting Hill!
Notting Hill... I never knew about this wonderful place, until I saw the romantic film with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts! I assume most tourists go for Trafalgar Square, Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus when visiting - but there is so much more to London! So my mission today is to make newcomers aware of this beautiful little part of my beloved city, that is so vivid and colourful that it shines even on a rainy Sunday. … (4 comments)

Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Holiday hugs and kissing under the mistletoe! It certainly is the season to be jolly in London! This Sunday, I went to magical Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park - and I must say, my jaws literally dropped, when I entered this magnificent place of fun and festivities. How do you describe something so amazing, that words are not enough? … (2 comments)

Gourmet Goodies at Borough Market
It was raining cats and dogs yesterday... I really didn't feel like going out! However there is a place in London, where you can go shopping for the nicest food ever - AND it has a roof! This place is called Borough Market, and let me tell you, it is VERY popular! If you take a look at my post, you will know why! Lets go! …

Southbank Sightseeing
It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday, and Frenchie woke up before noon (that doesn't happen very often!) To celebrate the many hours, we were given because of Frenchies unexpected open eyes, we decided to go and have a look at the Flat Iron Square flea market in South Bank, take a walk along River Thames and top up on our adventures at Tate Modern…