There is no place like Carnaby Street
Discovering London can be quite a challenge, if you only have a few days to spend in this marvellous city. It is so rich in history, that it can be difficult to know, where to begin for a newcomer! There is however a very special place, that always makes my guests from abroad very excited - and this place is Carnaby Street… (4 comments)

Belgravia Christmas market
I don't think there is a place on earth, where Christmas is more celebrated than in London! It is definitely the season to visit markets and fairs all over town (preferably with a hot mulled wine in your hand to get you in the merry spirit)… (2 comments)

Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Holiday hugs and kissing under the mistletoe! It certainly is the season to be jolly in London! This Sunday, I went to magical Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park - and I must say, my jaws literally dropped, when I entered this magnificent place of fun and festivities. How do you describe something so amazing, that words are not enough? … (2 comments)

Nature is calling
Living in a big city can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. London is alive - day and night! Sometimes you just need a break - and find a bit of green! Luckily there are lots of beautiful parks in London, where you can find the perfect spot in the autumn sun, clear your mind and enjoy the colours of mother nature in change...…

Gourmet Goodies at Borough Market
It was raining cats and dogs yesterday... I really didn't feel like going out! However there is a place in London, where you can go shopping for the nicest food ever - AND it has a roof! This place is called Borough Market, and let me tell you, it is VERY popular! If you take a look at my post, you will know why! Lets go! …