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Award-winning Indian delights in Camden Town

Award-winning Indian delights in Camden Town
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For a visitor Camden Town is  a must-see in London! I can honestly say, that I have never been to a place in this beautiful city of mine that is so alive! It overflows with a variety of colourful markets, shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, theatres and cinemas. The town attracts enormous crowds of Londoners and tourists alike, while the market consists of over 1,000 shops and stalls! Yes – Camden Town truly is a sea of entertainment!


Last weekend Frenchie and I went to Camden. The weather was perfect for this time of the year – and we were quite excited about our dinner plans, which involved lovely award-winning Indian food!

If you visit this part of London, you simply have to spend a few hours strolling around before eating! It is the perfect combination of entertainment, shopping and of course – good food!

Read more about what Camden has to offer here!

Sightseeing and shopping can make you hungry – and we knew exactly what we were craving. Camden is a mecca for good food – so it can be hard to decide, but this place won our hearts. Welcome to cosy Namaaste Kitchen!

Namaaste Kitchen is an award-winning Indian restaurant between Primrose Hill and Camden Town. We had the pleasure of meeting Award Winning Chef of the Year, 2014 & 2015 Sabbir Karim and his team, who spoiled us rotten with modern, healthy and delicious dishes

 Time to have a look at the menu card! If you like to be able to choose from many dishes, this is the place for you! The only problem was, that everything looked so interesting and good, that I really couldn’t choose! Luckily the staff is very good at guiding you… (I am not a big fan of too spicy food, so it was great to know, that my chosen dishes were created after my taste!)

Cocktail fan? Namaaste Kitchen has a great bar and very skilled bartenders, so why not start with one of these tasty drinks?

These are just a few of the beautiful cocktails being served here! Why not take a look at the entire cocktail-menu card? I promise you won’t be disappointed! 

I was very pleased to see, that Namaaste Kitchen serves water from the ethical water firm Belu! Belu is 100% carbon neutral and gives all of its profits to its charity partner, WaterAid!

I spotted these colourful pre-starters at the place, where all the grill menus are being prepared, so obviously I needed to have a taste of these heavenly dips!

Crispy papadoms and delicious chutneys with different flavours…. Simply a must, if you come here!

The Chatpati Tokri Chat was my favourite dish – and definitely something I would choose again! A crispy potato basket with chickpeas, lentil dumplings, cucumber, pomegranate, yogurt, tamarind and green chutney!  Such a beautiful serving! Frenchie and I agreed – this was a winner!

Another really delicious starter was the tandoori green prawn! Fresh chargrilled jumbo prawns marinated in coriander, mint and green chillies! I really loved the colours of these dishes! 

For mains we had a very tasty Goan Sea Bas served with coconut, mustard seed and curry leaf. Frenchie was a big fan!

 – and I fell completely in love with the Motimahal Butter Chicken with creamy butter & tomato sauce, ginger and crushed fenugreek leaves

Yummy Zaffrani Pilau! Braised rice with browned onions, cumin and saffron

Namaaste Kitchen also serves amazing grill platters with lamb, chicken, kebab and seafood! Definitely worth a try! 

We didn’t have desserts – as we simply couldn’t eat anymore! But there are plenty to choose from – both classic and more traditional Indian desserts! 

I would like to thank Namaaste Kitchen for a lovely evening with amazing food! If you are in Camden, this restaurant really should be on your list of places to visit! We were lucky to get a table as the place was very busy. (I even spottet a few celebrities here!) Namaaste Kitchen deserves its good reputation – and it certainly is as colourful and alive as the location, where it is placed! Great fun, great food – and great cocktails! What’s not to love?

X Louise





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  • I need to have that Goan sea bass! Camden town looks like such a cute little place, a great way to spend a nice afternoon. And I absolutely LOVE Indian food – all those tasty curries and intense flavors…YUM!

    • Camden really is quite something!

      I am recently new to Indian food as I always thought it was too spicy for me! But I was wrong. I guess it all depends on what is being served… So happy that I finally convinced myself to try it out 😉

      X Louise

  • I’ve been to Namaaste Kitchen a few times now and agree the food is great;) Camden is such a fun part of London too

    • Hi Fiona,

      So another member in the Namaaste Kitchen Fanclub! Great! 😀
      Agreed – Camden is one of a kind!

      X Louise

  • I love Camden, and have enjoyed seeing its nature change over the three plus decades I’ve been visiting. Still fabulous all the way through. I loved Namaaste Kitchen when I last visited, I went a couple of times in the year it opened, but somehow have not been back since. Time to go revisit as I do remember loving the menu and I know they have lots of new things on it since then!

    • Hi Kavita,

      Being a newcomer, I have no idea, what Camden looked like in the earlier days – but I can only image it must have been fun to witness the changes!

      If you go back to Namaaste, send my love to Sabbir – I am sure he will create something beautiful for you 🙂

      X Louise

  • Yum this place looks so good! And I love the name Namaaste =o) Next time I am in london I will have to look into visiting Camden, it looks like such a colorful place


  • My mouth is watering Louise! Will definitely be giving Namaste a culinary go soon. Scarlett x

  • Everything looks so mouthwatering! Now I really want to visit Camden just for the chance to eat here and experience all these amazing dishes

    • Hi Dora,
      I am 100% sure, you wont be dissapointed! Camden is such an adventurous place – and so is the food! 😉

      X Louise

  • Amazingly I’ve never been to Camden and your great post has made me want to visit! And especially to eat what sounds and looks like was an amazing dinner at Namaaste Kitchen. Your photos are gorgeous, they really tell the story.

  • Camden Town is such a fun place to explore – nice how you combined it with a lovely meal. The cocktails and food look absolutely delicious and I like the fact that Belu water is completely carbon neutral – good to know! Have a great weekend, Louise!

    Miriam x

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